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Many traditional businesses today are still struggling with the change in business operations as the Internet continues to take the market by storm. The Internet has opened up a new dimension to business with more opportunities to make big bucks easily and quickly. However, many old business schools of thought need to be convinced in adding Internet marketing to their offline business marketing plans.

Versatility of Internet Marketing

Offline businesses today should realize the limited scope of growth and expansion of their brand and business operations via traditional marketing tools and platforms which are more costly and time consuming. There is a proven lower return on investments with a traditional Offline Business Marketing Plan compared to online marketing strategies that are easier to implement with a lower cost and higher returns.

Internet marketing is more versatile in setting up and establishing the business in the market today especially for new and small business startups of any kind in any industry. A well designed, albeit simple website is not only affordable but effective in drawing the right audience or potential business leads to the business.

One of the most cost effective marketing components of Internet marketing is email marketing. This is a very low cost marketing approach to reach a larger targeted market for the business with opt-in features that would grow the customer list quickly if a business is seeking for faster growth and expansion.

Internet marketing offers an intrusion into dynamic social media networks where its social pages could be easily and quickly set up to allow interesting and relevant posts to attract the right web audience without incurring any cost other than time.

Offline Business Marketing Options

Offline business marketing options include the likes of direct mail which has been applied by businesses for a very long time, but on a high cost that is unfavorable to small or new businesses.

Postal mails to local markets are costly exercises for any business today as technology brings in advanced business solutions that are much lower in cost but high in outcomes. There is no guarantee that consumers would open promo mails which are considered as junk mail in their mailbox. Such an offline marketing approach may not be targeting at the right market quickly where random promotional information is distributed indiscriminately based on chosen physical locations. There must be an in-depth research on the local market for the right demographics that support the brand or business to enjoy high success of such an approach.

Hence, for an offline marketing campaign to be effective, it is imperative to identify the right target market beforehand. This would avoid a high wastage of leaflets or brochures which are costly marketing components. Targeted mailings are the key for a successful offline marketing campaign if this traditional path is to be taken. The marketer would need to identify specific customer listing that includes business prospects, referral customers or partners and past clients that would be supportive of the brand and company.

Selective mailing is crucial to a successful offline marketing campaign to be cost effective. There is a strong need to create a smaller targeted business list that produces results with lower costs. This smaller targeted list would also give the marketer more time to re-ignite strong relations with subscribers on the mailing list. Less time is required to introduce the brand or products and services to convince an opt-in or buy up when there are good relations between the marketer and opt-in subscribers. These are potential business prospects that are willing to receive promo mails or newsletters from the company as they know they would stand to benefit from such offers.

Incorporating Internet Marketing 

Effective offline business marketing dwells heavily on building strong relations with their customers and potential leads who stay loyal to the brand and company. However, if Internet marketing is incorporated into such strong customer relations marketing approaches, the marketer would enjoy faster business results and stronger ties with the customers especially if these customers are open to new technologies and solutions. Customers could be updated on the latest brand news with more advantages and benefits passed on through the latest technologies such as email or social media networking.

Consistent stellar customer services augur well with offline marketing. This would strengthen customer relations with a deeper trust and confidence in the brand and company as marketers visit and make frequent contacts with identified customers or potential leads.  But if Internet marketing strategies are included in offline customer services, customers could be notified of bestsellers from the brand immediately to enjoy great buys and higher savings.

More customers could be serviced using Internet marketing components such as email, SMS and social media at any time or day. The customer base could increase exponentially with more potential leads identified and serviced using Internet marketing elements.

Many offline marketing plans still include physical materials such as newsletters, magazines, leaflets and brochures. The same concept could be maintained at a more effective level with Internet marketing included in the business plan by using online options where web customers could view the same promo items and news on the brand on their PC, smartphone, tablet or other sophisticated electronic device with Wi-Fi.

Brand ads and discount coupons could be mailed out electronically to save high costs on paper and printing processes. The inclusion of links on websites allows an immediate flow of web traffic to the web business site for potential sales and branding.

Other offline marketing approaches that are commonly used to build up customer relationships include sharing success stories and interesting facts on physical mails or newsletters to the customers on a regular basis. But these marketing approaches could be improved with Internet marketing options where customers could check out the success stories and business updates on the web business site which is readily available on the Internet day or night from any part of the world with Internet facilities.

Internet marketing forums as well as webinars are effectively manipulated to boost offline business marketing plan to show forth the brand and company’s progress in technologies to remain as a relevant market leader and contributor in the industry.

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