Free PPC Tools

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LotCon-Advertising-PPC-training280Google and Bing are not the only keyword tools out there for you to use to generate keywords for your pay-per-click advertisements. In fact, here are free PPC tools that aren’t Google or Bing.

Local Keyword Generator

Want to create a list of local keywords for your Adwords campaign? With the local keyword generator at, you can enter your zip code, a radius of up to 100 miles, and your base keywords to generate a list of keywords with the names of all the surrounding cities.


Stuck looking for additional relevant keywords? The keyword tool at will help you search for synonyms and antonyms.


With SEMRush, you can enter a competitor’s website and get AdWords ad copy and position, organic position for keywords, search volume, CPC, competition and lots more. SEMRush is a powerful tool to help manage your PPC campaigns, but the results are limited for free searches. If PPC is a regular part of your advertising efforts, then a subscription will be well worth it.


You’re running two ads and you’re not sure which ad will perform better over the long run? Then the free tool at is sure to help. Just enter the number of clicks and the click through rate for each ad into the form and you’ll know which ad is likely to be the winner in the long run.

AdWords Wrapper

Easily modify your AdWords keyword list to include broad, modified broad, phrase and exact match keywords. Even create negative and exact negative keyword lists. Go to to copy and paste your keyword list into the form and the tool will wrap your keywords for [exact], “phrase”, +modified +broad, -negative, or –[exact negative].

Ad Comparator

Forget split testing. This is multivariate testing. The free tool at is a Taguchi-based ad optimizer that will allow you to simultaneously test up to 15 different aspects of any advertisement, email, or website.


Übersuggest is a keyword tool that will provide many more keyword options not available in the Google Keyword Planner. Easily filter your searches to narrow your search and discover keywords you would never have thought of.

ROI Calculator

Determining the return on investment (ROI) for your CPC ads is a lot easier with the tool at Just enter the total monthly clicks, estimated cost per click, your conversion rate, and your average profit per conversion to determine your ROI.


The tool at is free and will save you money on your AdWords campaigns by helping you quickly identify the underperforming keywords in your campaign so that you can remove them. The tool performs an audit of your AdWords campaign in 30 seconds and gives you specific actionable insights.


The tool at can help you quickly create keywords to search for available domain registrations or AdWords. Enter one or more words into each of three available boxes and the tool will merge the words into all possible variations.

JUMBO Keyword

The tool at is great for cleaning up your keyword list and adding exact and phrase keyword variations. It also has an Ad-Maker that helps you create your AdWords ads and you can then save the ads to a text file.

These are just great keyword tools that are available for free. Hopefully, you will find them useful in creating and managing your PPC keyword lists and ads.


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Many traditional businesses today are still struggling with the change in business operations as the Internet continues to take the market by storm. The Internet has opened up a new dimension to business with more opportunities to make big bucks easily and quickly. However, many old business schools of thought need to be convinced in adding Internet marketing to their offline business marketing plans.

Versatility of Internet Marketing

Offline businesses today should realize the limited scope of growth and expansion of their brand and business operations via traditional marketing tools and platforms which are more costly and time consuming. There is a proven lower return on investments with a traditional Offline Business Marketing Plan compared to online marketing strategies that are easier to implement with a lower cost and higher returns.

Internet marketing is more versatile in setting up and establishing the business in the market today especially for new and small business startups of any kind in any industry. A well designed, albeit simple website is not only affordable but effective in drawing the right audience or potential business leads to the business.

One of the most cost effective marketing components of Internet marketing is email marketing. This is a very low cost marketing approach to reach a larger targeted market for the business with opt-in features that would grow the customer list quickly if a business is seeking for faster growth and expansion.

Internet marketing offers an intrusion into dynamic social media networks where its social pages could be easily and quickly set up to allow interesting and relevant posts to attract the right web audience without incurring any cost other than time.

Offline Business Marketing Options

Offline business marketing options include the likes of direct mail which has been applied by businesses for a very long time, but on a high cost that is unfavorable to small or new businesses.

Postal mails to local markets are costly exercises for any business today as technology brings in advanced business solutions that are much lower in cost but high in outcomes. There is no guarantee that consumers would open promo mails which are considered as junk mail in their mailbox. Such an offline marketing approach may not be targeting at the right market quickly where random promotional information is distributed indiscriminately based on chosen physical locations. There must be an in-depth research on the local market for the right demographics that support the brand or business to enjoy high success of such an approach.

Hence, for an offline marketing campaign to be effective, it is imperative to identify the right target market beforehand. This would avoid a high wastage of leaflets or brochures which are costly marketing components. Targeted mailings are the key for a successful offline marketing campaign if this traditional path is to be taken. The marketer would need to identify specific customer listing that includes business prospects, referral customers or partners and past clients that would be supportive of the brand and company.

Selective mailing is crucial to a successful offline marketing campaign to be cost effective. There is a strong need to create a smaller targeted business list that produces results with lower costs. This smaller targeted list would also give the marketer more time to re-ignite strong relations with subscribers on the mailing list. Less time is required to introduce the brand or products and services to convince an opt-in or buy up when there are good relations between the marketer and opt-in subscribers. These are potential business prospects that are willing to receive promo mails or newsletters from the company as they know they would stand to benefit from such offers.

Incorporating Internet Marketing 

Effective offline business marketing dwells heavily on building strong relations with their customers and potential leads who stay loyal to the brand and company. However, if Internet marketing is incorporated into such strong customer relations marketing approaches, the marketer would enjoy faster business results and stronger ties with the customers especially if these customers are open to new technologies and solutions. Customers could be updated on the latest brand news with more advantages and benefits passed on through the latest technologies such as email or social media networking.

Consistent stellar customer services augur well with offline marketing. This would strengthen customer relations with a deeper trust and confidence in the brand and company as marketers visit and make frequent contacts with identified customers or potential leads.  But if Internet marketing strategies are included in offline customer services, customers could be notified of bestsellers from the brand immediately to enjoy great buys and higher savings.

More customers could be serviced using Internet marketing components such as email, SMS and social media at any time or day. The customer base could increase exponentially with more potential leads identified and serviced using Internet marketing elements.

Many offline marketing plans still include physical materials such as newsletters, magazines, leaflets and brochures. The same concept could be maintained at a more effective level with Internet marketing included in the business plan by using online options where web customers could view the same promo items and news on the brand on their PC, smartphone, tablet or other sophisticated electronic device with Wi-Fi.

Brand ads and discount coupons could be mailed out electronically to save high costs on paper and printing processes. The inclusion of links on websites allows an immediate flow of web traffic to the web business site for potential sales and branding.

Other offline marketing approaches that are commonly used to build up customer relationships include sharing success stories and interesting facts on physical mails or newsletters to the customers on a regular basis. But these marketing approaches could be improved with Internet marketing options where customers could check out the success stories and business updates on the web business site which is readily available on the Internet day or night from any part of the world with Internet facilities.

Internet marketing forums as well as webinars are effectively manipulated to boost offline business marketing plan to show forth the brand and company’s progress in technologies to remain as a relevant market leader and contributor in the industry.

Reasons Why You Should Go For PPC (Pay Per Click) Promotions

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Internet marketing offers a plethora of marketing options that would benefit marketers who are bold and creative in engaging these marketing tools effectively. Different marketing strategies bring about different outcomes depending on various factors. Advertising models are effective in attracting targeted audiences easily to generate the desired earnings quickly.

Benefits of PPC

One of the effective marketing tools in the market today is Pay-per-Click (PPC) option. This marketing tool can drive massive traffic to a business website for higher sales and profit. However, a shallow understanding of PPC would cause low returns on investment while a strong knowledge and application could drive up profits in a short marketing period.

PPC can generate high returns on low investments as payment is only made when the prospect clicks on the ads. A good understanding of PPC would help the marketer manipulate its features to an optimal return in a short time frame.

Many reasons exist to compel Internet marketers to consider PPC marketing programs, but the following 5 reasons suffice to motivate modern Internet marketers and business owners to reap the best of the market.

Reason 1 – Flexible budget

The investment cost of PPC marketing can be very low depending on the marketer. A good understanding of PPC programs would enable the marketer to determine the size of its marketing budget for different marketing campaigns especially if different strategies are in the pipeline.

An Internet marketer may choose the amount of advertising to be indulged in on a daily basis and the length of run for each ad campaign to control the advertising budget. This allows the marketer to exercise a good control over the advertising budget without exceeding the stipulated quantum for the expected returns.

Small budgets would lead on to generate smaller returns which could be re-invested to garner higher returns over time with patience.

Reason 2 – Simple and Immediate

 Another good reason for implementing PPC marketing is its simplicity in setup and implementation. Any marketer can execute the setup of a PPC account easily without professional assistance with an immediate application to enjoy good returns in quick time.

The process is easy and quick with simple setup instructions available in opening an account for PPC marketing activities. The Internet offers a wide array of tips and guides from opening an account to the implementation of effective campaigns to enjoy good results. Instant market visibility is achieved with a PPC account and a ready-to-go marketing campaign. The long establishment of PPC marketing is very helpful to motivate new PPC marketers in embarking in this first and important step to enjoy future outcomes. Little else is required to get the campaign going once the PPC account is established with a good marketing campaign formulated.

Reason 3 – Targeted Audience

PPC marketing is attractive because it is easy to attract the right type of business prospects. The well setup PPC account and website offer a quick view of the desired brand and products for a quick click on the link. This simple action would generate the stipulate commission to the marketer in the form of earnings.

When the website is well designed with the right marketing campaign implemented, the right audience would be attracted to generate the desired clicks on the link. These are potential buyers who are likely to make purchases or activate the desired services rendered. Hence, a well-planned PPC marketing campaign is necessary to captivate the niche market based on the products or services promoted.

Different products and services promoted at different seasons may generate different marketing campaigns to target at the right consumer crowd. This would avoid a waste of resources, cost and effort by the marketer to achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

Targeted audience in PPC marketing can be easily identified from the available tools in the system. The right keywords used in specific geographic locations can draw the right buyers. These perimeters could be easily changed to attract different crowds in different demographics using similar marketing plans and strategies.

There are more savings generated when the marketer targets the right audience in each of their marketing campaigns to ensure viable leads are generated. This would help reduce wasting of resources, time and effort for the marketer and business.

Reason 4 – Manageable Marketing Campaigns

There is no reason to fail with PPC marketing approaches as this marketing tool offers great flexibility and dynamism in its marketing endeavors to make every marketing campaign a success. The marketer has full control over the marketing campaign to direct the flow of targeted audience and promotions.

It is possible to start, modify, pause or stop a marketing campaign using a few simple clicks in a few minutes. This is crucial for marketers who are alert to the volatile market where changes can happen at any time. Marketers who exercise a good management of their PPC marketing campaigns would enjoy more savings and higher profits with lower losses without wasting time and resources.

As there are no hard and fast contracts to bind the marketer, a PPC marketing campaign can be most effective with slight changes according to the market demand. An immediate tweaking of the marketing campaign can prove to be most beneficial to the marketer and business with this feature.

Reason 5 – Performance Tracking

PPC marketers enjoy manipulating PPC programs as they offer easy-to-track facilities on all their marketing campaigns. Real-time statistics can be generated immediately to show how the ads are performing with click-through rates. This is necessary as high advertising costs are incurred and the best of ROI must be secured.

Real-time tracking of ad campaigns serve to benefit the business as a poor performance calls for an immediate pause in the campaign to avoid further losses. Marketing campaigns must be taken back to the drawing board to be fine-tuned and released to recoup lost time and profits.

The provision of performance tracking of PPC marketing campaigns makes the advertising facility more versatile to benefit the business.


Many reasons exist to compel an Internet marketer to indulge in PPC marketing, but the following 5 reasons suffice to motivate a quick buy-in for serious marketers.

Internet Marketing Success – Strategy Vs Tactic

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It is crucial for businesses to adopt the best of strategies to enjoy success. However, not all internet marketing success strategies can succeed if the right tactics are not employed properly. Hence, smart businesses must consider marketing tactics with effective strategies to be successful.

Differences between Tactics and Strategies

A successful Internet marketing success campaign depends on several factors; two of which are more impact would be tactics and strategies that are appropriate to the business goals and objectives. To employ the best of tactics and strategies in an online marketing campaign, the right tools and skills must be engaged.

Marketing tools that are effective in successful Internet marketing campaigns form the right tactics. These would include the best of software and programs that would enhance the management of the business.

On the other hand, good marketing strategies are required to guide the business owner or marketer in approaching the right target or crowd in promoting the business offerings. Marketing strategies provide the direction to move forward to achieve the desired outcome. The right strategy applied on a marketing campaign can drive the company to its desired destination faster and more efficiently at lower cost. The high savings for the company in this manner boost up the bottom line of the business.

Manipulating Tactics and Strategies

Smart businesses that understand the difference between tactics and strategies would be able to apply the right marketing campaign effectively. When the business owner or marketer is focused on the business goal as its final destination, they would also be able to identify the right marketing strategy to be applied. Once the right strategy is identified, the right methods or tactics of marketing can be implemented to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the business.

When the right strategy is identified to be implemented with the best of tactics, the best of marketing campaign can be formulated. This would bring on a higher success for the marketing campaign. Business goals can be clearly identified and prioritized for implementation to be achieved quickly.

Business goals and objectives can be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly or even annually with the best of marketing campaigns. This step is part and parcel of the right tactic in promoting the business brand and offerings. The piecemeal objectives and goals are more easily achievable with appropriate tactics as there would be more effective and efficient tools and expertise to handle the marketing plans. There is a greater level of difficulty with big goals which could challenge the available tools and expertise on hand.

Role of Clear Marketing Strategies

A successful business marketing plan requires a clear marketing strategy besides identifying the myriad of tactics. A clear marketing strategy can keep the business owner or marketer focused on the right business goals and objectives that have been clearly identified without being distracted by empty sales pitches and intense competition.

A clear marketing strategy helps the business stay on track to arrive at the desired outcomes from the best of marketing campaign implemented. The business owner or marketer would be able to compare and contrast the effectiveness of the strategy implemented compared to that of competitors.

Businesses today require a well-designed and well thought through marketing strategy that includes appropriate tactical methods that would ensure success in their marketing campaign. No diversion would derail the smooth implementation of the marketing plan as the business owner or marketer is fully confident of the effectiveness of their choice.

Tactical Success Solutions

Businesses employing the best of marketing strategies and tactics in their marketing campaigns are clear about their goals and objectives. There is no illusion on potential achievements as these are quantified in reasonable timelines.

Good marketing strategies are formulated with cost effective tactics to achieve identified business goals and objectives. However, it is impossible to guarantee success even with the best of tactics and strategies employed in a marketing campaign. Many factors are involved, which could be beyond the control of the business owner or marketer.

A successful Internet marketing campaign is a journey that must be embarked on with boldness by the business owner or marketer after having researched about the available tools and resources. Emulating other successful businesses engaging certain tactics and strategies may bring about certain degrees of success, but certain tweaking of the marketing campaign may be required to suit the specific business structure and modus operandi.

Synergized Elements in Marketing

It is crucial for businesses to think through their marketing strategy for promoting the different offerings as there may be a wide and diversified market for different products and services offered. It is not possible to apply the same marketing campaign to different products and services of a business when there are different factors involved.

The demographics may differ for different products or services or the niche markets may not be similar. It is vital for a strong plan of marketing action to be identified to fit the specific product or service to be promoted by the company at a certain timeframe and demographics.

A successful Internet marketing campaign must be of the right size to be manageable and effective. This can only happen when the right strategy is synergized with the right tactics. There must be a balance of these elements to spike up the chances of success in a marketing campaign.

The number of goals imposed on a marketing campaign must be manageable and achievable with the available marketing resources, expertise and tools. A manageable number of goals lead to greater chances of success that would not need to exhaust the resources of the business. Marketing experts would not be too tired out to be creative for the next marketing campaign on different products or services.

A marketing campaign can take on many forms depending on the available resources. The business owner or marketer needs to make crucial decisions in formulating the best of marketing campaign that includes efficient strategies and effective tactics.


The proper action steps or tactics when coupled with the right marketing plan or strategy can reap huge success for the business that knows how to synergize these two important elements.

How to get started with Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing is a great method that will help you make big bucks with the latest technology, online power tools and low cost.

The below mentioned points will enable you to get started with internet marketing in a simple manner:

  1. Set goals: Be attentive and have clearly defined goals. Find the answer of “Why.” This “Why” gives you a straightforward idea to decide clear objectives for your business and follow them in a smooth manner. It also enables you to move forward in a stream lined direction and avoid going off track for achieving your goals. (you’ll have clearly defined goals)
  2. Manage expectations: Do extensive research on your targeted customers, and their likes and dislikes. You should find out what their exact requirements are and give an apt solution for that. (That’s called need recognition)
  3. Set yourself up for success: You need to determine proper tools to manage your web presence. Distinctive views of every product and service will help youto get more traffic. You can try numerous ad copies to find the best ad copy for specific products and services to attract your potential customers.
  4. Have something worth selling: Give some great offers to capture your visitor’s attention. You can also print out your product and service benefits and why they should opt for your product instead of others.
  5. Get started: You are done with everything, such as setting up the goals, research, tools and products. Now, you can opt for sites or networks that you want to use or test to make your campaign successful. Be honest and realistic with your expectations because nothing is a magic bullet.

Why you must start doing Internet Marketing for your business TODAY?

Internet Marketing is an important marketing tool with eye-catching features that allows businesses to communicate directly to their targeted customers by using technology. Within the coming few years, thousands of more people will be hooked up with the internet to search for what they need.

This marketing strategy helps small and medium sized businesses reach across the globe with their products and services. The ROI of Internet marketing is far more than traditional marketing tactics.

There are some amazing benefits that will help you to know why you should opt for Internet Marketing:

     1.Cost Effective:

Internet Marketing allows you to promote your products and services to a wide span of audience, even if you have a limited budget to work with. It enables you to track the results of your efforts in a very short time frame. You will able to reduce your marketing cost with Pay-Per-Click advertising and use this amount in other online marketing activities.

You can begin with Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Guest posting, Content Marketing and many other advertisements with less investment. When you promote online, you save various costs like staffing, premises, disintermediation, financial management, etc.

     2. Real Time Results:

With Internet marketing, you do not have to await for a long time to identify the notable rise in your business. It allows to track your campaign with online analytics and delivers immediate results. Real time marketing tools are more beneficial and effective for your business as compared to other tools. You can opt for a paid search advertisement (PPC, CPC and CPM) to comprise the instant results that empower you to calibrate your promotional content in order to attain a desired outcome. If your advertising campaign is not performing adequately, these tools permit you to find out the exact problem area.

    3. Global Reach:

Almost one third of the population of the world has access to the internet with their computers and smartphones. Marketing your products online allows you to reach customers around the globe, as compared to traditional marketing where you are restricted to a geographical area.

You can get access to your potential customers by precisely targeting them according to their specific needs and wants. Numerous internet marketing approaches (such as Email marketing, Pay-Per-Click, etc.) help you to promote your products and services to reach your global prospects.

With a good internet marketing campaign, you will be able to attract more potential customers and buyers towards your business, which is the prime goal of every business.

  1. 4. Build Relationships:

The Internet provides a great deal of assistance by fostering good customer relationships. It provides a suitable platform to facilitate higher customerretention levels. You can follow your customers with auto-responder services tobuild an after-sale relationship.

As you know, engagement is the key to grabbing your customer’s attention. Ithelps to maintain a healthy buyer-seller relationship, building trust andincreasing customer loyalty in the long run.

You can also recommend a valuable and unique offer to your customers that ispersonalized for them. This personal touch will help to sustain your customer’srelationship. Social Media marketing and Email marketing are the best strategiesto improve the trust factor in your customers at a personal level.

  1. 5. Increase sales and traffic:

Search Engine Marketing, SocialMedia, Blogs and other marketingstrategies will help you gathermore traffic towards yourwebsite. The more visitors youhave on your website the morepopularity you will gain for yourbrand.

Internet marketing also improves the chances of closing deals becausecustomers like to purchase online instead of going for a physical purchase. And the customers who get a regular newsletter from you are more likely topurchase from you.

Giving an opportunity to purchase online will increase revenue for your business

and reciprocate with an excellent return of investment (ROI).

  1. 6. Facilitates brand engagement:

With the help of internet marketing, making your brand recognizable to consumers becomes a very convenient task. It becomes very easy for businesses to establish contacts with its customers with internet marketing.

A regularly-updated website with well-written content has a greater possibility of converting visitors into clients. It enables people to get information easily and facilitates their purchase decision.

Consequently, a business owner can easily convey his message to his customers with minimal efforts. Along with that, he ensures his brand remains fresh in the minds of consumers.

  1. 7. Enhanced customer attention:

Internet marketing is a great medium to hold on to your customer’s attention and pass on your product information in a simplified manner. With the pinpoint strategies of the web, diverse products can be made accessible in simple manner.

An effective online marketing strategy has the potential to generate great results for the success of your business. People get to know the quality of your products without having to get in touch with you physically.

Another benefit is that customers always stay updated through emails or through your website. Along with that, internet marketing also enables you to get maximum information disseminated through minimal efforts.

  1. 8. Increases your availability and accessibility:

Through the internet, you have a chance to sell your products at any point of time without having to spare a thought about time constraints. All your selling efforts can be directed in the right direction of attaining customers.

The best benefit that internet marketing provides is that customers can purchase your products and services at any given point of time. Therefore, with the help of internet marketing, selling products around the clock has become a possibility. The constraints of time and geographical boundaries need not be kept in mind by the business owners.

  1. 9. Convenience of tracking orders:

One of the most important aspects of internet marketing is that it enables the consumers to track orders as they need and desire. They can worry less about late delivery of products. This increases the scope of consumers trust and confidence in your brand. If they place an order, they do not have to spare a thought for receiving their orders.

When a person has full confidence in your delivery system, he becomes a selfmotivated agent for spreading a positive word of mouth. This ensures your business achieves its desired goals and objectives.

  1. 10. Enhanced social media relationships:

By internet marketing, you can easily get benefits of the growing importance of social media. By having your presence felt on various social platforms, your brand recognition process gets duly simplified.

Through social media, businesses can make a huge impact on customers that are scattered over a large geographical area. The constraints of geographical areas are not required to bekept in mind. By facilitating improved relations with social media, businesses are able to generate huge volumes of profit also, because they get a chance to increase their sales with the use of strategies that are designed to gain customer attention.

All these benefits will surely enhance your interest. Here, I am going to show you some interesting facts about Internet Marketing to take you the next level. And these will add a limitless value for your products and brand.

  1. 11. Shocking Facts:

Every month there are more than 10.3 billion Google searches, with 78% of U.S. internet users researching products and services online. (Source) Business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales worldwide will rise nearly 20% to reach $1.471 trillion in 2014. (Source) Internet advertising will rise to 25% of the entire ad spend by 2015. (Source) 71% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand that they are following on a social networking site such as Twitter or Facebook.

On average, we conduct 12 billion searches per month on the web in the United States:

97% of all consumers search for local businesses online. (Source)

85% of customers expect businesses to be active on social media. (Source)

About 60 percent of all Internet activity in the U.S. originates from mobile devices, and about half of total Internet traffic flowsthrough mobile apps. (Source)

98% of marketers plan to increase or maintain their spend in 2014. (Source)

86% of senior-level marketers agree that it’simportant to create a cohesive customer journey across all touch-points and channels. (Source)

88% of digital marketers consider real-time marketing as an important part of their 2014 online marketing plans. (Source)

Worldwide e-commerce is expected to increase by 20.1 percent by year’s end, increasing to $1.5 trillion. (Source)

93% of online experiences begin with a Search Engine. (Source)

The top three social networks used by B2B marketers are LinkedIn (91%); Twitter (85%); and Facebook (81%). However, just 62% of marketers say that LinkedIn is effective, while 50% say the same for Twitter and only 30% of B2B marketers view Facebook as effective. (Source)

The Purpose of internet marketing

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The basic purpose of internet marketing is to enable businesses to grow- both in terms of monetary gains and value addition to their products and services.

With effective use of internet marketing strategies, you can follow a pin-point plan of action and move ahead as per your desired targets.

Most of the business organizations have these basic objectives –

  • Money making: Most of the businesses today have the basic objective of using internet marketing to gain monetary benefits. It’s good to be money oriented, but keep in mind not to lose track of your quality aspect in the long run.
  • Value delivery: Value delivery aims to give customers the best quality at the most affordable prices. This has been going on for ages in the business industry. Prolonged efforts have been made, and they have yielded expected results for the users.
  • Brand enhancement: A cumulative effort of both the above points, it focuses on maximum customer satisfaction by providing them the best quality products at an affordable cost, also. Brand enhancement enables you to enhance customer base with reduced efforts.
  • Overall business success: A careful and planned implementation of internet marketing strategies proves to be of immense help for your business. All the facets of growth are easily catered to if these strategies are given their due importance.
  • Educating the consumers: Internet marketing helps a great deal in educating the consumers. By proper utilization of it, information sharing becomes convenient and gets transmitted across various channels.
  • Facilitates advertising process: A company’s advertising process gets boosted with internet marketing. By making people aware of the products and services through internet marketing, businesses are cutting its cost on advertising in a big way. ? Better communication:

Communication within an organization as well as with customers is facilitated with internet marketing. Through effective online promotions the Purpose of internet marketing is achieved and large numbers of people get information in a short time.

What is Internet Marketing all about?

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The Internet is a worldwide network that enables easy sharing of information among users scattered around the globe. The World Wide Web is a feature of the internet which provides services specifically for web sites.

Marketing is the methodology of communicating where businesses are associated with the buying and selling of products and services, and dealing with offerings that have some advantages for their clients, customers and society.

Internet marketing would then mean a cumulative amalgamation of both these modes of  communication which facilitates info sharing with its users.

What is Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing is the process of ‘How to advertise products and services, and promote business or brand’ over the internet with a set of powerful tools and techniques.

This marketing strategy consists of having an extensive range of marketing aspects and mechanisms such as Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc., instead of traditional marketing.

Technology is changing at a very rapid pace which makes it difficult for marketers to be on track with it. Therefore, they are seeking the help of the internet to evolve and adapt their marketing to the online sphere.

The growing dependence of businesses on the internet is not hidden from anyone. With the advent of globalization, people have access to numerous sources of information, which subsequently increases their purchasing power.

Powerful search houses like Google, Yahoo etc. have enabled people to search fast and easily to suit their requirements. You can make use of various types of promotion tactics like pay-per-click and banner ads to bring valuable visitors to your website.

Using Message Boards for Internet Marketing

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As Internet marketing business continues to blossom today, creative marketers would seek more dynamic ways to market their products and services in a competitive market. Modern technologies bring about exciting marketing strategies that include the like of online banner ads, SEO, website promotions, and affiliate and email marketing.

Online businesses today enjoy a wide array of cost effective marketing strategies to promote its offerings every day to all types of consumers. However, one particular marketing approach may offer quicker gains to the marketer; message boards.

Effective and Inexpensive

Message boards compliment Internet marketing well with many benefits to the business. However, there are also pitfalls which must be avoided.

Message boards function as the preferred online meeting point of like-minded web users sharing any topic in life or under the sun. This interesting community can comprise all walks of life with common interests and needs that can be fulfilled from the online interaction platform of message boards.

An online convergence is common with modern web consumers today who are familiar with the technology to discuss mutual issues of interest. The discerning Internet marketer needs to be skilled in identifying the right potential leads from the wide group of online participants on message boards. The emergence of an issue or topic related to the business provides an ideal opportunity to promote the business offerings without a hard sales pitch. Such a marketing approach is normally well received by message board participants who already open to possible solutions.

The wise marketer would participate in specific message boards to capture the right communities that are potential leads to fuel the online business easily and inexpensively. There would be less effort required in identifying potential customers who require or may open up to the business products and services offered.

If the marketer has been an active and regular message board participant on other topics, it is very easy to convince the other participants on the business offerings as a good relation has been established with the community.

With valuable advice and helpful suggestions to the issues presented on the message boards, the marketer can also provide links to their web business site for potential leads to discover more benefits of the business.

Right Implementation for Success

Message boards can be extremely successful for Internet marketers if they are implemented properly by the stipulated rules. These would include creation and posting activities, especially on links. Those who flout these implementation rules would be banned by the system from participating in message boards.

Interested marketers need to understand and comply with the user agreement prior to choice of message board for launching. Proper applications of links are necessary with discretion to avoid the system classifying the actions as spam. A professional approach would offer a more effective outcome that satisfies the marketing goal.

Patience in implementation and a clear understanding of message boards would lead to a proper mining of the benefits message boards offer. Message boards can yield higher results for the ambitious Internet marketer with the targeted audience identified and streamlined unlike email marketing. A lot of effort is saved from a carefully delineated niche that does not blindly spread the consumer perimeter.

Effectiveness of Online Forums

Online message boards are also known as online forums. These are currently popular online meeting platforms on the Internet where all walks of life sharing the same interests come together online engaged in a particular topic for discussion.

The Internet offers a wide range of online forums for Internet marketers to participate actively to find potential leads that can fuel the online business easily and consistently. This is part of cost effective online marketing strategy for modern business owners and marketers to launch business products and services.

Potential business partners and investors can be found in online forums where instant communications with potential business partners and investors are possible without a face-to-face physical meet-up. Experienced Internet marketers are able to discern the value of substance contributed by forum participants to fuel their online business.

This is also a very effective avenue to discover the needs and wants of potential leads in the marketplace.

Only a few minutes per day are required to participate in online forums or post useful suggestions for others to view and comment. Good posts would draw respect and credibility to the marketer who can find an opportune time to unveil the business offerings more openly for sales and profit.

This online platform proves to be an effective spot for keeping abreast with the latest updates on the business niche as well as state-of-the-art technologies applied by businesses today. Such information allows the marketer to identify market demands and technology trends to be inspired on new products or services which may yield high returns on the market.

Applications of Message Boards

Message boards can be applied to any subject matter as long as they are administered properly. There are free message board services on the Internet while some charge a fee for utilization. Messages posted on the online board are usually vetted and approved by the system administrator before they are posted.

Online forums utilize their own lingo with threads as messages. Participants are permitted to contribute to the message or thread with their own opinions to continue that particular line of online discussion.

Online message boards are normally applied to secure answers and solutions to daily life’s needs and challenges. These answers can come in the form of opinions, inspirations or tested solutions in the form of products, services or actions.

Long lists of online forums or message boards are usually available on the Internet to suit any topic of interest.


It is very easy to manipulate message boards or forums on the web to gain extra mileage on the Internet marketing business set up. Internet marketers can participate in any number of online message boards to identify targeted audiences that can boost their Internet businesses.

Little cost or effort is involved with online forums or message boards to bring about high returns for the Internet marketer.

Generate Free Network Marketing Leads On Facebook

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Business entrepreneurs as well as large companies are jumping into Facebook to manipulate the popular social media network’s dynamic features which are excellent for online marketing. It is discovered that Facebook offers a great potential to every online or off-site business in boosting traffic and sales with huge potential leads.

The More the Merrier

Generating leads is crucial to the survival and growth of any company today with the increasing competition in the market. Every business today requires every dynamic marketing arsenal in winning potential leads that would enhance brand, image and sales.

Facebook holds the key for modern businesses to enjoy more market presence with millions of users and fans. It is easy to generate free leads for any business with the proper tools and resources available. Once the target market is identified for the business, the business can continue with strategic marketing plans and campaigns. More impact is generated when Facebook marketing is applied as more potential consumers visit the web business site for useful and relevant business offerings and information.

Building a strong network for an online business is necessary to keep the business thriving. A lot of business supporters in terms of consumers who patronize the company for its products and services are required to enjoy a healthy business in the market especially when the competition grows intense over time.

Besides identifying potential customers from Facebook to secure higher sales on products and services, it is crucial to identify potential marketers to promote the business. This is where potential network marketers are approached for sponsorship to spread the brand and market presence as wide as possible. Different online marketers would have their own personal potential leads territories or circles of influence which others cannot penetrate into. A business by recruiting down-line marketers can flourish quickly when the marketers are well trained and buy into the business lock, stock and barrel.

A lot of online marketers today struggle to keep afloat in their chosen online business ventures, although there are plenty of helpful tools and resources to assist them to be successful. However, with proper guidance and training, the right tools and resources can be applied strategically to build up their personal online business and income generation while boosting the parent company.

Building a Strong Growing List

An effective online marketer requires a strong list of potential leads and customers that is constantly growing longer. This is proof of business health and presence in the marketplace as more consumers are listed in the company’s marketing database. The company would be motivated to improve their services and offerings to meet the different needs and expectations of the customers.

Building a customer list for the business is essential to the survival of the company. This is easily done on Facebook to connect with many diverse groups of consumers. Niche markets and targeted audiences can be readily identified on Facebook with a simple insert on required search criteria.

Another way to build a strong consumer list is to participate in various marketing groups or online chat groups on Facebook. These social interaction groups open gateways to more potential leads which may not be possible by one marketer. A higher acceptance rate into various online social groups is activated by viewing their page and adding a personal note or request.

A genuine email requesting friendship with a professional introduction would endear other online consumers to respond positively instead of spamming Facebook accounts to reach the desired target audience. An altruistic helpful response to a post would open doors for the start of a great friendship and possible partnership in business.

Keeping alert to the availability of potential social groups allows the marketer to grow the potential leads list constantly, especially if ample time is used to foster good relations. This would ensure a strong list that supports the business, regardless of products or services when helpful elements are incorporated to benefit recipients.

Facebook allows Friends Requests although an excessive amount per day may draw on its displeasure. Smart marketers or business owners should consider only 10 requests per day for a more impactful marketing strategy that brings results.

A professional approach on Facebook marketing wins more marketing leads than coercion and spamming. List building is more effective when requests are made from interested target audience.

Simple Actions to Generate Leads

Getting potential leads to fuel the business on the Internet can be easy and fast with the right tools and solutions. Sometimes an app may be required while other times require a simple action by the marketer.

The Internet marketer or business owner could offer value and solutions that potential leads view as useful in their lives instead of pushing business elements alone. Business tips and tricks that are simple yet workable would attract like-minded individuals for further advice and solutions if a successful record is obvious.

Areas of expertise can be shared to win web consumers seeking such information or skills to be loyal customers or lifetime followers and fans. Professional promo videos that are entertaining may interest many potential leads to desire for more while fuelling their mental capacity with the business elements. Higher positive response is anticipated when web viewers are actively involved in an online task that interests them. It is likely that such web viewers might forward the promo video or link to others in their circles of influence that benefit the business as this forms an excellent advertising approach without incurring cost to the marketer and business.

Marketing leads would automatically flow as traffic to the web business site when impressed or convinced web users forward their recommendations of the online ad to others in their contact capacity.

Posting high quality articles that are content rich would draw more traffic to the website. Many modern consumers prefer quality content that is easy to read and apply to enhance consumer lifestyle. A lead generating system may be necessary to secure good leads; this may require an offering in exchange for the lead information that can propel the business visibility in the market.

Best PPC and Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Five Best PPC and Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing is very popular today with variants such as Pay-per-Click and Pay-per-Lead. This is widely indulged in by consumers from all walks of life who want to generate extra income in the midst of rising cost of living. Modern technologies open many online business opportunities and avenues to secure a constant income on the Internet without giving up a full time job to supplement income and sustain current affluent lifestyles.

Online marketing via affiliate marketing is more than a hype and fad today with many avenues to tap into for lucrative profits. Affiliate marketing is attractive to many consumers who may not have the business acumen or capital to start a business on the web.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

The many advantages of affiliate marketing draw more and more ordinary consumers into this type of online business or marketing program. Affiliate marketing does not require the affiliate marketer to own products or services which can be referred to from relevant merchants. There is no need to sell or stock such components to enjoy the commission.

The right promotional material can be easy to sell or recommend based on the myriad of marketing tools and resources currently available and applied. It is up to the affiliate marketer to choose the best of marketing resources and tools to formulate the best of marketing campaigns in promoting the selected products or services.

Affiliate marketing can be very successful with a wide circle of influence in which the promotional products and services can be marketed to. The Internet offers many ways to introduce such products and services to the targeted audience for the appropriate action to secure the commission.

Effective affiliate marketing and PPC strategies need to be understood and identified to promote different affiliate products and services to enjoy a consistent income on a regular basis.

Strategy #1- Set Up a Marketing Schedule

Although affiliate marketing can be easy, it does require a proper plan of execution to promote the affiliate products and services. A proper marketing schedule is ideal in formulating a secure marketing plan to promote the selected products and services at different times to different targeted consumers. This would allow the affiliate marketer to be assured of a consistent income as well as enjoy better time management instead of being occupied by this online business venture.

The schedule could include a proper database where current customers and potential leads are identified and categorized for further actions that would lead to the affiliate objectives for a confirmed commission.

Strategy #2 – Driving Traffic

Affiliate marketing is about luring web traffic to the website that is displaying the promotional affiliate products or services. Securing an affiliate sale requires interested consumers who are likely to make a purchase or order on the product or service. The creative affiliate marketer needs to encourage more web consumers to come by the website and execute the necessary affiliate action to secure the commission as promised or agreed with the merchant.

Many options can be selected to entice traffic to the web business or affiliate site. This could include freebies and useful information in exchange for the web visitor’s name and email address which would be forwarded to the merchant for further follow up as potential leads to fuel their business operations.

Another mode of driving traffic to the affiliate site is through posting of quality articles that are relevant, interesting and useful to web readers. Affiliate marketers must have a niche to focus on to draw more readers to their websites that promote affiliate products and services.

Strategy #3 – Manipulating PPC

Affiliate marketing can be very successful with the incorporation of Pay-per-Click options. Popular search engines such as Google and Bing permit listing purchases in their search results. These listings would be displayed alongside natural and non-paid search results as advertisements. These ads are usually sold in a special auction where affiliate marketers can bid on every pay-per-click advert.

Although the affiliate marketer forks out some cash to secure PPC marketing strategy, it can generate massive traffic to the website within minutes to increase the sales of affiliate products and services that are currently promoted. The affiliate marketer would enjoy more ROI with a little investment.

Strategy #4 – Activate Forum Participation

Affiliate marketers who are experts in a certain niche can post useful and interesting articles not only on their own websites but also public and private forums. A lot of web users flock online forums for news updates on various areas of interest. Good forum postings give affiliate marketers more exposure as an expert in a particular niche area while attracting many to view the affiliate products and services.

The more online forums an affiliate marketer joins, the greater exposure is secured as a reputable expert in a specific niche. There would be an increase of trust and confidence expressed on such affiliate marketers to consider their affiliate product or service recommendation.

Strategy #5 – Featured Videos on YouTube

YouTube is another excellent online social media platform that can boost an affiliate marketer’s presence and profits. It is simple to produce simple feature videos on selected affiliate products and services to be posted on YouTube. Millions of viewers flock YouTube every day to be entertained by a myriad of videos.

Affiliate marketers’ videos can be simple audits of affiliate products or a content feature where niche information is provided to the viewers that would benefit them. A simple manipulation of the web cam or camcorder is sufficient to generate a feature video that can excite potential leads to promote products or services.


The sky is the limit for an affiliate marketer to reach for in generating extra income through selected affiliate marketing strategies programs. It is important to understand the criteria of different affiliate marketing programs before indulging in one or many. A good affiliate marketer would embark on one program and work it to success first before indulging in most affiliate programs. The first indulgence would offer the necessary experience while the subsequent affiliate programs would shorten the learning curve in bringing in more income.