Solo Ads – Ideas That Work to Create Solo Ads That Convert

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Solo Ads - Media BuyingSolo ads are highly preferred by marketers to boost their business brand on the Internet with the many benefits these ads offer. This is an online marketing technique that is widely indulged in by small to big companies today as there are more and more reliable suppliers of authentic and useful mailing lists in the market. That forms the basic premise of solo ads as a dynamic online marketing tool.

Marketers are finding it hard to seek authentic targeted niche audiences to fuel their business activities to boost sales and profits due to the increasing competition in the marketplace. Greater effort and best marketing tools are required to position the brand above the competition. Online ads are instrumental in this objective with their appealing designs and captivating styles. Solo ads focus on the brand to draw more interested consumers to the website of the business.

Dynamics of Solo Ads

Solo ads are online ads that a marketer pays another to have them put on the supplier’s mailing list, which is supposedly trustworthy and relevant to the marketer’s brand of business. This form of marketing is known to be effective as mass emailing is performed through an established mailing list that need not take time to build.

Many desperate marketers with funds are willing to pay for solo ads that ensure a reliable mailing list of authentic mail respondents who are likely to be open to the business brand and goods as these would have been tested by other marketers on similar products and offerings. Marketers who do not have the time or skills to build their own mailing list but want to promote their brand and wares are likely to resort to solo ads especially if they have the advertising budget.

There are 3 essential actions that must be activated for solo ads to be effective in any Internet marketing campaign.

1)  High Quality Ads

Solo ads are online adverts; they must be of high quality to attract the desired niche markets that would boost business sales. Solo ads are only effective if they are kept real to reflect the business and brand that would attract the right crowd. Marketers who are indulging in solo ads must know how their ad is going to look to their targeted audiences. The ad must be able to impact the viewers to compel an opt-in call-to-action, such as clicking on the ad immediately to be directed to the website for further details or actions.

Only high quality ads would be able to capture the interest and attention of mailing list recipients as they get many ads daily. Poor quality ads or irrelevant ads are normally deleted without a second look or thought. Hence, marketers must manipulate solo ads to their optimal potential as there is a price paid for these ads. Marketers must identify their targeted niche markets to identify their primary needs to design an appropriate ad that would entice their targeted recipients.

High quality solo ads must satisfy consumer needs with a plausible solution offered that would be attractive to targeted audiences. This would stir consumers to make a call-to-action response that would benefit the business. These consumers are more likely to be the ones who would convert to potential business prospects and customers to the brand and business.

Marketers should avoid pre-written ads that are to cover a wide scope of consumers, which may seem a large number, but contain very few relevant potential leads that would benefit the business at the end of the day.

2)  Choice of Reliable Suppliers

Another important component for successful solo ads is the choice of reliable mailing lists suppliers. Too many unscrupulous mailing lists suppliers are flooding the marketplace with bad lists that are passed off as quality or authentic lists.

Many of these bad hats are supplying poor quality mailing recipients who are not interested in the brand or business, but pushed to the unsuspecting marketer at high prices. If the marketers are desperate for potential leads to fuel business sales and development, they would be deeply disappointed. They would only experience very low percentages of interested buyers or business prospects from such lists.

Sometimes, bad list suppliers offer good lists, but to multiple marketers of similar businesses which make them as competitors. This would not generate the desired results marketers would want as they are facing heavy competition from their peers.

Reliable mailing lists suppliers are those with a proven track record of integrity and trustworthiness in the marketplace to offer good lists to marketers according to their preferences and requests. Helpful ones would even provide filtered leads to ensure useful leads to buyers who need not waste time and effort in filtering but start using the leads immediately.

3) Reasonable Charges and Terms for Mailing Lists

Smart marketers who plan to deploy solo ads must know what they are paying for and how much for how many. Many unscrupulous suppliers of mailing lists tend to take advantage of desperate and naïve marketers who do not know the market price of solo ads and mailing list with higher prices.

However, the market prices for good solo ads could be relatively high which is the reason unscrupulous suppliers manipulate unsuspecting buyers. High priced solo ads from established suppliers could be a worthy investment if the suppliers have a proven track record in such dealings.

Hence, marketers need to know if they are spending, rightly for solo ads to boost their traffic for their business. They could check out the market value of several reliable suppliers before committing to one. There could be other terms and conditions which may not be favorable to the marketers such as limited list size or unfiltered lists. Marketers must be alert to these and confirm if the terms and conditions are acceptable to fulfill their business goals and objectives.

Package deals could be worked out if a reliable mailing list supplier for solo ads is identified, although many marketers prefer to work with several to avoid stale results; as the saying goes, “familiarity breeds contempt.”

Calculating Social Media Marketing ROI

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Modern businesses that embark on social media marketing may claim to procure higher sales and profits through increased traffic to their websites. But no one could really calculate the actual returns on investment which social media marketing (SMM) could generate.

There are various takes on calculating SMM ROIs as different industries offer different formulations in such calculations. Traditional investments such as real estates and market investments could be easily computed on ROIs but it may prove complex with SMM.

A Unique Condition

Social media networks are known to be excellent marketing platforms that could generate high traffic to web business sites to be converted into business customers. However, it would be difficult to measure the effectiveness of SMM in terms of ROIs as returns from a specific marketing strategy could never be measured primarily on profits alone as there are many factors involved.

Even if the sole objective is just sales to simplify the matter, the generated ROI would not reflect accurately the desired components. This would render the figures useless as it is not the right representation of the matter. A clearly defined business objective with its underpinning factors would generate a return on investment figure that would be more accurate to accept and interpret.

Certain marketing campaigns may identify an increase in sales as the desired return on investment through SMM although the increased figures may pose to be a secondary benefit for the business. The business may indicate an increased generation of potential leads or more subscribers as well as higher traffic flow to the web business site as the main objective in SMM ROI.

These would constitute as vague measurements of SMM ROI as the figures contributed from the various quarters could not be separate entities with a strong play factor on each other. Hence, many businesses are content with an increase in more leads, greater brand exposure, higher traffic, more sales, longer subscriber list, more customers and more profits.

Every factor is a potential ROI contributor via SMM but none is able to stand on its own. For example, more subscribers need not contribute to higher sales if the new subscribers did not make any purchases, although they did opt into the business mailing list as subscribers. Time is required to convince and convert these new subscribers from potential leads to paying customers.

Most businesses that manipulate SMM and want an account of its ROI must narrow down the long list of potential contributors. This would help satisfy business owners or marketers that SMM is indeed effective to boost the business, company or brand in its intended objectives.

It would be extremely difficult to portion out the precise percentage of contributions from the host of contributing factors mentioned. Just like any science experiment that has controlled variables and manipulative variables, a detailed and precise SMM ROI computation could be time consuming and costly with different manipulative variables activated in different marketing campaigns to make the proper comparisons and conclusions.

Further Considerations

A science experiment is easier to monitor as well as identify the final outcome based on controls and preferred manipulated variables as the experiment duration is usually short and manageable. There are also precedents with results to compare and contrast which are not possible with SMM ROIs.

A SMM ROI is challenging if it were treated like a science experiment where all other factors are controlled with one preferred factor as the variable. A fair conclusion would only be generated with all factors tested on similar marketing campaigns which would be costly to the business.

Moreover, such an approach would not be suitable for different businesses in different industries. It is not fair to compare the SMM ROI of different businesses, even if they are in the same industry as the scope and dynamics differ to allow a generic conclusion. This would make the SMM ROI results inaccurate and unacceptable.

Simple ROI Computation

To keep things simple and measurable, businesses engaging in social media marketing are using straightforward objectives as a means of calculating SMM ROI. A simple yet effective business objective in SMM would be to offer free videos or e-books in an attempt to build the business mailing list. This would allow the business marketers to measure the SMM ROI generated from the number of recipients or opt-ins to this business offer.

The collection of potential leads information is vital and useful to the business growth and expansion. Strong customer relations could be developed from such important prospect information that benefits the business.

This type of SMM ROI computation could be measured effectively using auto responder analytics and other online measuring tools that are free or paid. These tools are helpful in tracking the origins of potential leads and the pages visited on the web business sites or blogs as well as Facebook Fanpage. Further useful statistics for the business include the amount of time spent at each location.

Business owners and marketers could track the number of subscribers who are converted into purchasing customers and identify the types of products or services procured. This would help the business owners and marketers to focus on saleable items that would boost bottom lines. Better marketing campaigns could be planned to draw in more potential leads from the measurable results obtained.

An easy math of subtracting the number of subscribers opted out from the number present in the mailing list would generate a net figure of viable potential leads for the business. If a monetary worth is placed on every subscriber or customer based on the business operational formula, a net worth of profits would be revealed. This could be concluded as the ROI from the SMM efforts of the business for that particular marketing campaign in that season.

Greater SMM ROI accuracy could be achieved by factoring in projections of new customer purchase frequency. Past analytics would be helpful to generate realistic projections. When this value is divided by the SMM investments, the result would be the ROI of the marketing campaign.

However, there may be a final ROI value which certain businesses may be interested in. This would include social media assets in progress.

2014 Online Marketing Trends: Is It All About the Money?

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2014 holds high expectations for many enterprising business owners from all walks of life as emerging technologies offer more advanced marketing features that promise to take the business world by storm with great returns. The progressive technologies impact the market trends with a constantly evolving Internet platform that many business and technology experts are unable to predict the exact future of the market.

However, current and past market trends with online businesses give an indication of what is to be expected; if not, at least for 2014.

Evolving Technologies

It is easily noted that digital technology is still evolving to greater heights with advanced features in the offering. This is very tempting to online businesses with new marketing and business trends emerging to boost business operations and expansions regardless of industry, size and establishment. Many business areas that employ the best of technologies are exhibiting real growth with small businesses or new market players rising to the occasion in a short period of time.

Market leaders are investing more in today’s technologies to boost or strengthen their market position as innovators and market experts in their fields of expertise. From email marketing to video marketing, more sophisticated online marketing tools and features surface to boost business marketing campaigns and strategies. Even social media networks such as the popular Facebook and Twitter are not spared from over-zealous online marketers and business owners who have found ways and means to capitalize on these social media platforms to enjoy a cost effective marketing plan with high savings and ROIs.

Emerging mobile technologies open up a whole new world of consumers that can be contacted on 24/7 basis with smart phones, tablets and Androids. This seems to be the latest online marketing trend in 2014 with sophisticated mobile phones that are equipped with Wi-Fi and apps of every kind from games to business.

New Form of Online Marketing Today

It is common for modern day consumers to have the latest sophisticated mobile phone every few months with new models surfacing in the market offering dynamic apps and Internet features. There is a myriad of vibrant data plans with more efficient network providers offering stellar mobile services and Wi-Fi facilities on 24/7 basis.

More and more consumers are making significant purchases via mobile devices which set off alarms to aggressive business entities today. Modern consumers are shopping online via their mobile phones which offer fast Internet speeds and dynamic data plans as well as apps of every kind under the sun to meet different needs and expectations.

Online searches and communications are commonly activated via mobile devices with Internet facilities. Research reveals that an ordinary consumer would have at least one sophisticated mobile phone or smartphone in their pocket or at close proximity all the time to cater to every whim and fancy as well as fulfil daily obligations and needs.

More and more smartphones and tablets are installed with the latest software programs from personal management to games and online entertaining besides work components such as Windows. Blogs and web business sites can be readily designed, viewed and maintained on such mobile devices to enhance the lifestyle of the 21st century in 2014. Consumers with such sophisticated mobile gadgets can surf the web anytime from anywhere for their desired requirement.

Online businesses today need to keep abreast with the latest technologies that are changing the business and marketing landscapes in 2014. Business entities are struggling to survive the increasing intense competition in the market if they do not move fast enough to retain their market position by staying relevant to their customers’ needs besides drawing in potential leads for business growth and expansion.

Bottom Line on New Trends

Every business in the market, whether online or offsite is set up for success; profitability is the primary focus of any business setup although there are always factors of risk and competition. Besides offering the best of products and services to meet consumer needs, presentation and branding are equally important factors to draw in the customers for any business.

It is thus crucial for modern businesses in 2014 to stay alert to online marketing trends without being left behind as more entrepreneurs are rising up with new business ideas and solutions that work differently from traditional business startups. It takes more than a well designed SEO website to draw in the traffic for a boost in sales and customer database today. Web business sites must be readily available on mobile devices that include smartphones, laptops, tablets or desktop computers.

Easily available web business sites on a wide range of viewing devices would draw more traffic and business which lead to higher sales and profitability. This does not negate the original content that is useful and relevant to consumers’ needs and wants to boost a larger audience and sales. Such marketing components included in every well designed marketing campaign augur well with top search engines on organic searches and results.

As technology progresses, it can be expected that online marketing trends in 2014 would be driven by respectable and market authorities in the respective fields of industry that would want to maintain their market positions as market leaders. These well established market leaders have the experience, expertise and finances to keep pace with the evolving technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Their branding and image would continue to rank high in the market besides raking in more profit than competitors. Their high market positions can only be maintained through the strong support of customers that enjoy their stellar services and innovative solutions in their market offerings.

More at Stake in 2014

A lot more is at stake in 2014 for businesses that are not consistent with their product offerings and service standards via new technologies. Consumers today are more demanding and unforgiving on businesses that are not moving with the times.

Social media platforms are manipulating to their max for optimal results with millions of users plying the popular networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 2014 online marketing trends include sharing and exchanging information via social networks to boost bottom lines from more traffic and sales.

How Powerful is Viral Web Marketing?

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The market is always caught by surprise when some online video clip goes viral over the Internet. Businesses today are still grappling with this exciting and dynamic phenomenon to boost their market presence and branding. Viral web marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for any business if it is manipulated properly in content, message and timing.

Currently, most of the online videos that go viral tend to have a negative connotation; they may depict an abuse of human dignity or power that causes the rage of web communities across the world. YouTube is the currently preferred platform to upload all kinds of videos with its free facilitation and easy to use uploading features.

Viral marketing on the web

Modern businesses today are analyzing the effect of a viral video to manipulate it to their marketing advantage. A lot of study and analysis are attempting to decipher and capture the power of viral web marketing that would benefit the business. A viral video on business offerings can generate a lot of attention in a short time frame with a strong impact registered on viewers. This is a very powerful and cost effective marketing tool which all businesses would want to get their hands on.

These businesses are still working on discovering the success formula of a viral video that promotes their business operations and offerings. It is a challenging task to identify the success formula of a viral web marketing video compared to that of negative nuances experienced on the web.

Viral videos take only a few minutes to spread across the world. With the advanced technologies today, such online videos need not be restricted to computer or laptop viewings; smartphones, iPods and Androids with state-of-the-art technologies and Wi-Fi are able to connect to the Internet easily, quickly and at any time to view such sharing.

One person can upload the video on the Internet and share it with his or her circle of influence who in turn shares with their circles of influence. An intersecting ripple effect is caused with such dynamic communication channels that the whole world can be reached within a short span of time. This creates an online viral viewing of the video which may not be intentional for public viewing.

The power of viral web marketing actually lies in the hands of the viewer who may have a long list of contacts to share the video with. The buck can stop with the viewer or the ripple effect can be generated depending on the viewer on the next course of action to be taken with a video clip viewed on the web.


Modern consumers prefer to view than hear any information today to stir curiosity and interest. Research reveals a better retention span with sight secured information over the audio received information. A video content is more likely viewed than heard, although the contents may be the same or take the same amount of time to be aired.

A video offers more excitement and pleasure with a viewing that stimulates many senses as there are sounds, sights and feelings incorporated in a good video. Research further reveals that as more senses are impacted, greater learning or retention power is exercised. This is a great way to impact consumers on businesses to be transformed into loyal customers.

Viral videos can benefit businesses; like a virus that can exponentially increase to affect many unsuspecting individuals, a viral video can impact a large audience in a matter of minutes. Such a video is known as viral web marketing where businesses release their marketing contents using special techniques for an impactful presentation that would cause the video to go viral.

It is possible to reach untold masses of consumers in a matter of seconds or minutes with viral web marketing without a high cost incurred by the business. The company that employs viral web marketing stands to enjoy higher savings on advertising while generating high traffic to its web business site for more sales and profit.

Current environment

However, it is a challenge to generate truly effective marketing videos that would go viral for businesses today. There must be the right formulation of advanced technologies, inspired marketing ideas and the right web marketing tools and techniques to design a web marketing video that would go viral.

Nobody can guarantee a definite increase in web traffic to the web business site with a marketing video unless it goes viral. The increase in traffic to the web business site is not easily identifiable or consistent as a viral video is impactful over a short stint. Viewers are stirred up in their curiosity to confirm the video’s contents personally to visit the web business site for great deals, but their interest may wane after a visit or two unless they are satisfied with their findings.

To enjoy a consistent increase in web traffic to the web business site, businesses must secure the formula in creating viral web marketing videos to generate such videos all the time to attract more consumers. This can be quite a daunting task even for the most creative web marketer or designer as human behavior is so complex that consumers may be dull with too many marketing videos trying to go viral.

If viral web marketing is successful, the company enjoys great savings in advertising endeavors as viewers would automatically market the business offerings on behalf of the company without payment or rewards. Hence, the success of viral web marketing depends primarily on the impact the video has on its viewer to take the next course of action; share or delete.

A possible element of viral videos in general is an impact on the viewer’s emotions that would compel the viewer to forward it to his or her circle of influence or networks of contacts. Similarly, a successful business video can go viral if it is designed with an impact on the viewer’s emotions that would cause the viewer to take proactive actions on behalf of the company without reward or payment.

Social Media Newsrooms – Web 2.0 Tool for Your Business

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Social Media Newsrooms – The Ultimate Web 2.0 Tool for Your Business

Every modern business today requires a strong and flourishing social media newsroom on the Internet. It is crucial to have a proper place where all company updates can be located by any interested party. A progressive business entity requires to generate media, reviews and reports of its business proceedings, developments and changes over time to various sectors in the market to upkeep their brand, image and reputation as a market leader. Such information is essential to maintain the business entity’s market presence to enjoy continuous sales and attention.

Small or big business enterprises require loads of media coverage to keep themselves constantly in consumers’ and potential investors’ minds and hearts. This is sufficient to justify the setting up of a social media newsroom using the best of web tools in the market today. Social media optimization is possible using the best of blogging platforms and tools like Web 2.0 and WordPress for a dynamic social media newsroom.

Ultimate media avenue

An identified social media newsroom is an ideal spot for all company news to be displayed in any news media, customers, potential leads, prospective partners and investors or business reviewers to get updates or relevant information about the company and its business operations.

This news spot is advantageous to host all major media coverage and press releases as well as announce past and future company events and social involvements. It is a great spot for book and magazine reviews to be positioned for easy access by interested parties. This electronic newsroom can store all multimedia materials such as company related videos, photos, pictures and images to be downloaded when necessary.

Every key company personnel bio can also be uploaded here with links on social or business networking profiles to help the public identify and interact easily. This newsroom would be ideal for purpose-built page links to relevant sites on the web that would promote the business.

This social media newsroom allows an RSS feeds subscription to any site information for easy access and sharing of site content via email or social bookmarking indexes. Many business owners and marketers are manipulating the likes of Digg or via single clicks to secure the desired business information that benefits the business operations.

It is also possible to indulge in instant messaging via MSN, Yahoo Messaging or Skype. As technology progresses, there would be more advanced facilities to interact proactively on the Internet.

Such a dynamic social media newsroom allows fast direct linkage to the desired blog posts or sites for the latest content to savor. The whole web can be searched using Google to seek the desired information with relevant links identified for the business benefit.

This online newsroom benefits the business greatly with modern technologies allowing advanced features to check and view Technorati tags that are content related for a more accurate search or update activity. It is possible to make direct comments on all media coverage or press releases to provide the best of customer services to loyal customers or interested prospects.

Dynamic web tool

An online social media newsroom is an upgrade of the traditional online newsroom where business media coverage and press releases of company events and updates are displayed for public viewing and comment. Such a modern online newsroom manipulates social media networking features with the best of Web 2.0 elements for a fast and effective sharing of information or content that can be interacted.

A well designed social media newsroom takes advantage of state-of-the-art social media features such as indexing opportunities and RSS feed services as well as social bookmarking. Every entry here would be properly indexed in Google and other popular search engine while being made available in RSS feed services and popular bookmarking sites that are constantly manipulated by millions of web users and bloggers.

This accentuates the true power and versatility of a social media newsroom, which all business entrepreneurs and authors should engage in. This dynamic feature was specially crafted to make social media newsroom a new technological marketing feature to be reckoned with. It is evolving as the standard for which modern businesses need to employ to enjoy more market presence and higher reputation. It is noted as a one-stop spot for all business coverage that is constantly available, accessible and accountable.

Every piece of news display can be readily downloaded or printed to be shared with any party with appropriate links and references for more relevant business information. This spot offers an avenue to present feedback and comments from any party with a warm invitation to interact with business owners, marketers and customer services in a safe environment.

These features can be readily implemented through the dynamic Web 2.0 tools which can be procured easily in the market today. A well designed business social newsroom on Web 2.0 ensures a greater versatility of the web business site to enlarge its market visibility.

Web 2.0 is a dynamic website designing and development tool that offers exciting advanced features to generate a vibrant social media newsroom. It can implement a user friendly newsroom environment that is attractive and modern to draw more visitors at any time. The contents are relevant, interesting and useful to web readers who visit the newsroom to be updated on the company’s operations.

An easy navigation of the screen and quick extraction of contents make Web 2.0 the preferred choice to develop the desired modern social media newsroom for any enterprising company today.


Smart modern business entities today resort to manipulating Web 2.0 to set up their ultimate social media newsroom that would be easy for all interested parties to be updated with the business development in the market.

Web 2.0 is a dynamic website designing tool that offers modern advance features to help the business entity stand out from the crowd and ahead of their competition. Professional social media newsroom services using Web 2.0 are readily available in the marketplace to benefit serious companies on an upward growth path.

A well designed Web 2.0 social media newsroom can be incorporated or linked to the main web business site easily with its available tools and features.

Online Marketing Simplified

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There are so many courses out there on how to make money online, I thought it might be time for a quick refresher on just how simple information marketing on the Internet can be. Instead of pages and pages to show you this business model, I can do it in four steps.

The Information Business Model
1. Identify a Hungry Market
2. Provide Value and Build Relationships
3. Develop and Present a Solution
4. Present More (and more expensive) Solutions

Yes, it really is this simple.

So why should you consider following this particular business model? Four reasons:
1. It costs you very little to get started (Website, hosting, autoresponder.)
2. There is massive (MASSIVE) potential (Unlimited, really)
3. There are huge, long-term leverage opportunities (For example, you record a video to sell, give away the audio to list build, transcribe the content to make an article, etc. One action can provide many opportunities.)
4. You can earn passive income (Take a day off, a week off, and you can still be earning money while you’re not working.)

There are 2 ways to approach information marketing – either an expert or as a publisher

Expert Model:
1. You are the expert
2. You create the content and you do the marketing of that content
3. You can outsource some of your work, but you are the expert

Publisher Model:
1. You partner with an expert
2. The expert creates the content, often with your help (for example, interviewing them)
3. You do the marketing (you can outsource some of the marketing chores)
4. You split the profits in prearranged percentages (50/50 is common)

Note about the Publisher Model: Even if you don’t possess special information people are willing to pay for, you can still build an information business. It’s important to note that most experts know nothing about marketing and how to leverage their information into a real business.

Many experts are in need of additional income. In fact it’s often said that most authors are broke. And when approached correctly, they will be more than happy to work with you to get their information out there and to increase their own incomes.

Yes, Online Marketing Simplified is simple. Now get to work. 🙂

Things To Know Before You Start In Online Marketing

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Things I Would Have Paid Good Money To Know
Before I Started In Online Marketing

Things To Know Before You Start In Online MarketingIf you’re just starting out in Internet Marketing, beware: There are lessons you’ll need to learn one way or the other. The easier way is find an old marketer like me and pick my brain. The hard way is the method I’ve used many times in my 14+ years as a marketer – making the mistake and THEN learning the lesson. But it’s been worth it. Here 33 things I wish I’d known when I started in online marketing:

1. Your most valuable asset is your customer list. Not your prospect list, your customer list – people who have spent at least a dollar with you. Do everything you can to grow this list, because once someone trusts you enough to hand you a dollar, they’ll hand you $50. And once they hand you $50, they’ll hand you $500, but only if you treat them right.

2. Your second most valuable asset is your affiliates and JV partners. I’m talking about the affiliates who promote your products time and again, the ones that stick by you because A) They believe in you B) They believe in your products C) You treat them like the royalty they are. Your affiliates can make you more money in one day than most people earn in a year. Find them, nurture them, be amazing to them and take care of them.

3. Your third most valuable asset is really your most valuable, but until you’ve been in this business for awhile I’m afraid you won’t believe it, so I placed it here at number 3. But think about this – if you don’t treat your customers right and your affiliates right, what happens? You get a bad reputation. And once you have that, you might has well hang it up and go get a job at Walmart. Your reputation is EVERYTHING online. Protect it the way you would protect your own child, because you only get one chance to do it right. This goes for your brand as well.

4. Other valuable assets in no particular order are: Your prospect list, your outsourcers and your products. Focus on moving people off of your prospect list and onto your buyers list, even if it’s only a $1 purchase. Treat your best outsourcers well – you don’t want to have to find and train new ones every 6 weeks. And products, well…

5. Your products speak for you. Make them awesome and be sure they deliver on every promise you make. And do create products – lots of them. The more the merrier, so long as each one is filling a real customer want. It’s much easier to break into the 6 figure realm when you’re creating your own products. My most prosperous years are the ones where I’m creating the most solutions and products.

6. Keep things simple. I see aspiring marketers trying to over-complicate things all the time. Find a want, create the product, sell it to those who want it. Simple. As Steve Jobs said, “That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” When you reduce the clutter and noise, you can do less and get more from it.

7. Focus. Pick a niche and focus on that niche. Let nothing distract you, including all the other niches. Make a list of things to do. Do each one. This sounds so simple, yet people try to go in several different directions at once and of course wind up going absolutely nowhere. This is one I got right from the start – I chose the IM niche and never looked back, and I’ve never regretted it.

8. Use systems. With a finely tuned system you can do anything. When they build a car, do they reinvent the engine each time? No. When you start an IM business, you don’t have to reinvent the mechanics of how to run it, either. Get a system like my Delavo and you’ll be free to focus on making money while the system runs your business.

9. Do 15 minutes of concentrated, positive thinking every morning. Do affirmations in the mirror, read something inspiring, look over and read aloud your goals, etc. Whatever it is that lights your fire, do it first thing in the morning and it will fuel you for the rest of the day.

10. Send out ships. Thinking positive is the first step, but it’s not enough. You’ve got to climb those stairs, not just look up at them and hope you somehow get to the top. So each day, send out ships. Make contact with someone in your niche. Build alliances. Email a dozen prospective affiliates. Skype with your best prospects. Whatever it is that brings in the business and makes you money, do it daily.

11. Use deadlines. Work inevitably expands to fill the time allowed, so only allow enough time to get it done. Then cut that time in half. You’ll be astonished at how fast you can work and what you can achieve.

12. Screw perfection. Really. You’ve got to take that attitude or you’ll be working six months on a product trying to get it perfect. When you finally do launch it, the window has passed and the desires of the community have moved on.

13. Build a real business. A blog is not a business, nor is a list. Those are components of a business. Decide what business you’re in and then treat it as seriously as any brick and mortar business.

14. You are the CEO of your business. Act like it. Outsource as much as possible so you don’t get bogged down. You can’t captain a ship while you’re swabbing decks. Focus on the big picture and outsource the details.

15. When you receive payment for a product, that’s when your work begins. Remember, it’s easier to keep a customer than to get one, but if you don’t continually take care of your customers, you’ll lose them.

16. Stand for something. No successful business has ever been all things to all people.

17. Pre-sell your products. This way you know for fact if there’s a market for it, PLUS you have a huge incentive to get that product out the door FAST. And if there’s no interest in the product, you’ve just saved yourself the work of creating what would have been a loser anyway.

18. Make connections. Every day make one new connection and then maintain that connection forever. Yes, forever. Or until you retire. You can never have too many connections, too many friends in the business, too many customers, too many affiliates and JV partners, etc.

19. Be an idea magnet. What’s an idea? Often it’s a combination of two old things into something new. Look for ideas everywhere and write them down. WRITE THEM DOWN. Writing them ensures you don’t forget them, it frees your mind to think of more ideas, and it trains your mind to be ever watchful for the next big idea.

20. You can’t email your list too often. There’s a belief that if you send out an email everyday to your list, you’ll burn the list. And this is true if all you’re sending is ads. But if you’re also sending tidbits of good information or even just something to brighten their day, they will welcome your messages. In fact, emailing everyday ensures you stay in their memory. Email once a week and they’ll forget who you are.

21. Grow your confidence. This will happen naturally as you experience success in your business, but you need to be confident from Day 1 that you can do the business in the first place.

22. Use to-do lists. Write down goals big and small. Write down what needs to be done this month, this week and today. Prioritize your list. Then do it.

23. Get an accountability partner. Tell each other or email each other each morning with your to-do list. Then tell each other in the evening what you accomplished.

24. Join a mastermind group. If you can’t find one, start one.

25. Don’t blog everyday. In fact, you should spend only 20% of your time creating content and products. Better still, outsource the bulk of your content and product creation. Then focus 80% or more of your time on marketing and building your business. This boils down to ‘Working ON your business rather than IN your business.’

26. Ask for the sale. That’s right, ASK for the sale. I once went to a car dealer and the guy helping me was brand new. I found the car I wanted, but he couldn’t screw up the courage to ask for the sale. Finally another salesperson came over and asked if I was ready to buy. “Yes!” I said. The young sales person looked astonished, but when he had to split his commission with the sales person who asked for the sale, I could see the new guy had learned his lesson.

27. Always have an upsell. If you’re selling a $7 product, offer a $27 on the backend. If your product is $97, offer a $1997 on the backend. If you don’t, you’re robbing your customers who want more and you’re robbing yourself.

28. Continuity rules. Always look for ways to introduce continuity into your business, from the $7 a month membership to the $5000 a month coaching program.

29. Passive income is the result of hard work, not passively sitting on your butt. How many rich couch potatoes do you know?

30. Hire a business coach. You’ll get a fresh perspective you sorely need, as well as good advice and someone to push you to new levels. For every dollar you spend on coaching, you can expect to make $10 or more in just the first year.

31. Invest your profits, don’t spend them. Buy real estate, good stocks or anything of lasting value. Don’t squander your money on ridiculous cars and nights out – there could come a day when you’ll deeply regret it.

32. Think of your mother. Would you be embarrassed to show her your marketing methods? If not, you might want to rethink your strategy. Another thing: Would she tell you that despite how busy you are, you should still eat right, exercise and take a little time off each day? Then be smart and do it. Mom does know best.

33. Have fun. If you’re miserable, you’re not doing it right. Yes there are going to be challenges, but half the fun is overcoming those challenges and persevering. If you hate what you’re doing, you’ve already failed. Do something else. I learned this in my previous profession prior to the Internet, but it holds true no matter what your business.

There you have it – 33 Online Marketing tips I wish I’d known when I started. Some of these would have been handy five years into my IM career as well. I hope it helps.

One word of advice – when you do learn a lesson, either the hard way or the easy way – make a note of it. It’s best not to repeat the same mistakes any more than you have to.

Online Marketing Q and A

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Online MarketingQ. I keep hearing that I’ve got to get people to know me, like me and trust me before they’ll buy from me, but how do I do that?

A. You’ve got two choices, and I recommend you do both. First, position yourself as an expert in your field. If you’re not an expert, surround yourself with experts by interviewing them, letting them guest post to your blog and working with them. Second, be generous. Give away great content that instills confidence in your abilities and expertise and builds your reputation. Offer free tele-classes or podcasts, guest post on popular blogs with info-packed posts, and author a book or report.

The better your free content is, the more people will trust you and your content. As an added bonus they’ll also be more likely to share your content with others, thereby helping you to build your reputation and your following.

Q. Is there a way to reach a wider audience while simultaneously delivering more value to my current customers?

A. You might consider lining up some partnerships or joint ventures in your niche. First, make a list of the areas your customers are interested in. You’re not looking for direct competition here, but rather complimentary sub-niches. For example, if you teach how to do Forex with a certain method, your customers will likely be interested in how to trade on Forex with other methods, and even how to invest in other areas besides the Forex market.

Once you make your list of areas, choose an expert in each that you’d like to partner with. Go online to get their contact information and then approach them with a win-win-win reason of why they should partner with you. They should benefit, you should benefit and of course your customers need to benefit as well.

Do something together that you can offer to both your customers and your partner’s customers, whether it’s a free webinar with an offer at the end, or creating a series of videos together, or even creating a new membership with a free introductory period. This will add value to your customers and theirs, as well as expanding your reach to a wider audience.

Q. But I’m just a newbie in my niche – how do I approach the “big dogs” and get their attention so they’ll partner with me?

A. Two words – help them. Comment on their posts, share their stuff through social media, ask if you can re-post their work to your blog, etc. Find a way to be of service to them so that you can get on their radar and start building a relationship for the long haul.

Note that the bigger the person you’re targeting (IE: The larger their following and the greater their influence in your market) the longer it’s going to take to attract their attention as someone they might want to work with. It’s recommended that you begin by targeting more accessible people and work your way up to the giants of your industry.

Also, consider writing a book, devoting one chapter to each “big dog” you are targeting. In this manner you can make friends with these players, and many of them will actually end up promoting your book to their audience.

Q. I keep hearing that I need to “have a story” to share with prospects. What does this mean?

A. In a marketing context, ‘your story’ is what led to you doing what you do today. For example, someone who teaches basketball techniques may have been a lousy basketball player themselves until they learned and mastered certain fundamentals and techniques that caused them to become an all star player. In a nutshell, that’s their story. Of course they’re going to want to embellish with details, such as how rotten they felt when they got laughed at for missing the easiest of shots.

The purpose of having your own story and sharing it with your readers is to make a connection. Someone having trouble making the junior varsity basketball team wants to know you went through some of the same trials and tribulations they are experiencing. This bonds them to you and causes them to be far more receptive to your message. Remember, “birds of a feather flock together.” Once they realize you’ve been through the same struggles they’re currently going through, and that you not only persevered but overcame, they’ll want to know exactly how you did it.

Q. But isn’t that manipulating them?

A. Not at all. You are showing that you have indeed walked in their shoes, experienced their problems and found a solution that works.

I heard a story once that illustrates this beautifully. Imagine you’re in a foreign country and you don’t speak the language. For days you’ve been struggling to understand and be understood. Then all of a sudden someone says hello to you in your language, and asks how you are. How would you react? No doubt you’d rush up to that person and start talking, feeling that you finally are making a connection with someone. Imagine the relief you would feel, finally being able to communicate, to understand and most of all to be understood.

Telling your story does the same thing – it creates a bonding connection that let’s the prospect know that you understand what they’re going through because you’ve experienced the same problems they have.

Q. If I want to create a product or success system based upon my own personal experiences, how do I go about that?

A. If you’ve become really successful at something, you have a ready-made product you can sell to others who want to master that same skill. Here’s how to get it into product form: Recall where you were at the beginning of your success. What was the first thing you did? The second? Write down everything that you did and put it into step-by-step form.

Now you’ve got the ___ number of steps to accomplishing ___. Name it something appropriate, get the domain for that name and start marketing it. You could do it as an ebook or audio/video course, or you could offer it as a series of webinars or even one-on-one coaching. Each step will represent one chapter in your book, or one webinar, or one coaching session.

HOT TIP: You can use this exact same process to partner with anyone who’s mastered a skill others want to learn. Interview them extensively to discover exactly how they reached their success and then create the product based on the interviews. Split the profits with the expert and rinse and repeat with more experts or the same expert and different topics.

Q. I have a friend and fellow marketer who’s continually writing posts for other people’s blogs. I think she’s foolish because she’s giving away her valuable info on other blogs instead of using it on her own to boost her standing in the search engines. She says it’s worth it because she’s getting new prospects through her guest posts. Who’s right?

A. You both are correct, to a degree. While it’s true that placing her best content on her own blog may help to get her site ranking in the search engines, SEO is always a gamble. On the other hand, guest posting on popular blogs practically guarantees exposure to new prospects as well as new alliances with the blog owners.

When your friend guest posts, she’s hopefully targeting blogs that already receive plenty of traffic interested in her particular niche. This will help her to gain exposure to new audiences and get her endorsed by leaders in her field (the blog owners).

Q. I’ve contacted blog owners about being a guest blogger for them, but because I’m new in the niche I don’t get much response. What can I do?

A. Begin by posting repeatedly in their comments section. Join in the conversation, add relevant comments, ask good questions and answer other people’s questions. Hyperlink your name to your website to get new visitors (this is automatic when you fill out the comment form – just be sure to fill out the website URL box as well as your name, and your name will become a hyperlink to your URL.)

Use a catchy, memorable photo on all of your posts. Register your email address along with your photo at, and on many sites your photo will appear automatically when you use that same email address.

By taking part in the community, the blog owner will likely notice you and will be far more receptive next time you offer to do a blogpost. In addition, visitors to the blog will also begin to recognize you and visit your blog as well.

Q. I write a online marketing newsletter, but lately I get the feeling that no one is reading it. What am I doing wrong?

A. You may need to get back in touch with your market to find out what it is they want to know. Go to forums and watch social media to find out what they’re talking about and especially what they’re asking. Ideally you should he answering their questions and helping to solve their problems, because when you do that they will read every word of your newsletter.

Q. I HATE writing headlines and subject lines, and I don’t like using headline templates. Any ideas?

A. Interestingly enough, your best headline is often buried inside your copy or your email. You already know all the best selling points about your product, how best to present it, who your target market is, and how to craft the best call to action. So forget the headline, write your copy or email, and then go back and reread what you just wrote. Often times you’ll find your jewel of a headline right there inside your copy, just waiting for you to pluck it out and place it at the top.