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LotCon-Advertising-Facebook-Ads280Advertisement Solo ads are becoming a popular online marketing option for small to big businesses that have a good budget as solo ads could prove costly. Marketers who wish to deploy solo ads for promoting their business and brands should be informed about choosing the right solo ad that would bring on optimal results.

Marketers need to understand 3 criteria in choosing the best solo ad that would boost their business mailing list for business growth and expansion.

Criterion #1 – A Well Developed Squeeze Page

Good solo ads require a well developed squeeze page or opt-in page that would entice web traffic to become potential leads readily. This would refer to a well designed web page that is user friendly; even perhaps mobile friendly or compatible with the current emerging mobile technology.

The availability of a properly planned and designed squeeze or opt-in page makes it conducive for web visitors to take the necessary responses such as call-to-action responses that favor the business and marketer. These web visitors would not be just ‘passing by’ when they are directed to this page from the solo ad; otherwise, the solo ad is a failure. Web visitors who are directed to the squeeze page must always be enticed to stay on that page long enough to be convinced of the brand and business to take the desired call-to-action step.

The content and format of the squeeze page must be user friendly for the web visitor to navigate the page smoothly to find the desired information about the brand and the business before they make the crucial opt-in decision to be part of the business mailing list. This is a crucial step for marketers who would have their mailing list grow with potential leads to expand their business operations in the market besides establishing their market position and catching the attention of search engines as well as industry authorities for their progressive developments.

Although there are plenty of mailing lists suppliers who are ready to transact on solo ads marketing, the marketers are responsible in preparing other components such as a well designed squeeze page that would entice web visitors to the business website to respond accordingly. The squeeze page is a very instrumental tool that could convince web visitors to opt in as a business potential lead. This would grow the business list quickly, especially if the web consumer is inclined towards the brand and business.

Criterion #2 – Correct Website Link

Marketers who use solo ads must check that their website link is accurate before they pass it to the solo ad merchant who would use it on the mailing list of potential leads. This is a critical checkpoint as a misspelling of the website URL would be costly. Interested web consumers would never be able to find the business website or pay a visit to offer some sales. Marketers would have missed the great and abundant business opportunities when they are careless about their website link.

The mailing list supplier does not hold any responsibility towards a wrong link or invalid link attached to the solo ad sent out to the potential leads. The onus is on the marketer to check and confirm their website URL to ensure accuracy, validity and workability.

The worst scenario could be that the wrong website is a competitor’s website which would have directed all potential business leads to the competitor to cause the downfall of the brand and business. This is surprising as many competitors tend to ride on the success of established brands and companies by having similar brand names, company names and URLs that are meant to deceive and confuse unsuspecting web consumers.

Cautious marketers should always double check on their own website link to confirm its workability so that potential business leads generated from expensive solo ads marketing campaigns would prove fruitful. They should never assume that their website link is working at all times because technical faults could crop up unexpectedly. Every investment made in the solo ads marketing campaign must bring back good returns in the expected timeframe.

Criterion #3 – Monitor and Measure

Marketers must always take the initiative in monitoring and measuring the success of their solo ads marketing strategy. This would refer to a proper understanding of the concept and dynamics before implementation. Next, tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing campaign is essential to encourage future repeats of marketing campaigns but with better features.

The market offers many excellent traffic checkers and analyzer systems that would confirm the quality and quantity of goods delivered by the mailing list supplier and the solo ads generated for the marketing campaign. This action is necessary to ensure that the solo ad merchant made good on the delivery according to the agreed terms and conditions; otherwise, payment should be held back or repeat transactions are not encouraged.

These dynamic tools are cheap and readily available in the market to assist marketers in confirming a good deal on solo ads marketing. As the marketer takes this initiative, it would be simple to confirm the quality of the potential leads supplied in the mailing list as well as the reliability of the supplier in solo ads.

Marketers could also research on the solo ads supplier on the Internet to check out online reviews of this supplier before transacting. Web tools for measuring the quality of solo ads and suppliers abound on the Internet at low cost to assure marketers of their decision on deploying solo ads marketing and their choice of solo ads supplier.

This is an important criterion in selecting the best solo ad in list building as good tracking and measurements on solo ads and the suppliers would provide the necessary feedback to marketers to more successful marketing strategies and campaigns.


Solo ads Advertisement are powerful online marketing tools which marketers today would engage in if they have the allocated funds as solo ads could be rather expensive. However, the returns are huge in drawing high web traffic to the web business site with potential leads that could benefit the bottom line of the business.

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