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Many exciting online marketing programs exist today for consumers who are interested with residual income without quitting their full time job at the moment. The market offers a wide array of potential income generating business ventures through simple online business setups without being tech savvy. Such online marketing programs include the likes of Cost-per-Action (CPA), Cost-per-Lead (CPL) and Revenue Sharing Programs (RevShare)

Sources of Online Income Generation

Different online marketing programs are generated by different sources with some networks managing the business structure more efficiently as more and moremarketers are participating in these marketing programs. One of the popular sources for online marketing programs is Clicksure which is a noted online affiliate platform with a host of choice affiliate products for promotion.

Many companies with products and services collaborate with Clicksure as it is well established in CPA and CPL marketing campaigns that offer high payouts. Many successful marketers promoting merchants’ affiliate products and services do prefer to indulge into these online programs, although the marketers are required to drive traffic to support the business. Certain tasks such as opt-in page must be activated by consumers before the marketer gets paid. It is usually a flat rate fee which brings in handsome income for the marketers with large lists.

The other sources of online income generation are ClickBank and JV Zoo, both advocateing Revenue Share. This is distinctly different from CPA and CPL. Marketers indulging in RevShare get paid only when a consumer makes a purchase on the affiliate product. However, if a product refund is executed, the marketer would experience a fund reversal from their account.

Online marketers need to select the best of online marketing programs to venture into successful online marketing

Choosing an Online Marketing Program

The choice of which online marketing programs to be used is entirely up to the marketer who must consider the pros and cons of each program that would benefit him. Online marketers just starting prefer opt-in based programs over sales based programs. CPL marketing programs would be easier to handle by online marketers to churn some income more quickly.

Some marketers who have good business resources would jump straight into CPA programs as they are confident of promoting the affiliate products with their marketing skills and experience. However, there are certain challenges that these online marketers must overcome.

Online marketers need to understand the finer points in promoting the affiliate products to earn their commission as this is a typical sales oriented affiliate program. Payment is only made when the desired action is undertaken by the customer. The marketer gets a portion of the sales of products which is called a commission.

ClickBank offers as high as 75% commission on successful products sold in CPA programs. Another CPA network, Commission Junction,  attracts lots of Fortune 500 companies as merchants. This ensures a constant flow of high quality products available for promotion to earn high revenue by online marketers.

The CPL program requires some simple information on potential leads that are passed on to the merchant. There is no selling of product or service. All that the marketer has to do is to provide the merchant is the potential customer’s name, email address and zip code to enjoy the agreed commission. Many companies today want potential leads which they can follow up personally as their trained customer services team has the skills and experience in converting potential leads to customers readily than having to train up online marketers. Hence, online marketers are acting like middle men for the merchants who require more potential leads to keep their business relevant in the market.

Many CPL merchants may want the consumers to complete a simple sign up form which is submitted as potential lead for the company. The marketer’s task is now simplified to directing traffic towards the sign up form where the system automatically accounts for the lead contribution to the marketer’s account. Commission payouts would be activated at the end of the month or agreed payout scheme by both parties.

Many affiliate marketers are more comfortable with CPL programs for the ease of a task and low responsibility required to earn commission. Income generation is dependent solely on the number of consumers forwarded to the merchant as potential leads. It is a very profitable online marketing program if the marketer has the necessary means and tools to generate large volumes of leads consistently.

On the other hand, Revenue Share programs can be difficult with certain affiliate networks such as Click Bank. Its popularity has declined drastically in the market today making it unattractive for many online marketers. JV Zoo is more reputable although their offers may not be hot items all the time. It is crucial to identify hot products offered by JV Zoo with attractive pay rates to make the marketing efforts viable.

Revenue Share deals offer different payout rates from CPA and CPL programs. This is a popular option often used in the gambling environment. Casino affiliate programs offer Rev Share between 25 and 40% net revenue or a cut based on turnover which may take some time to achieve. Rev Share is seen as a long time investment marketing program where the money comes in over time. However, many online marketers may want to get their hands on their commission income as soon as possible.


Online marketers today need to familiarize themselves with the variety of online affiliate marketing programs in the market before indulging in one or the other. Smart marketers should check and compare what potential business options are available for their choosing before participating.

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