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Basic Steps to start a Internet (home) Business:

  • Decide what product or service you are going to sell
  • Decide on your domain name
  • Get professional web hosting
  • Design and build your website’s
  • Write the sales documentation and sales letters
  • Promote your website’s
  • Automate your contact and ordering system
  • Get the e-mail addresses from your contacts
  • Get more contacts through your website’s
  • Get more contacts through lead generation
  • Use e-mail promotions to increase your sales
  • Take advantage of the lifetime value of your contacts

Internet Marketing
Online / Internet Marketing ~ online advertising is done entirely on the web by using banners and embedded links or through the use of e-mail. Various types of Online Internet Marketing include:

  • Website Promotion
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Affiliate program
  • PPC advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Directory Listings
  • E-Zine Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Free For All (FFA) page

Website Promotion
The promotion of a business website is an important key for success. There are various ways of implementing website promotion. It is highly recommended to consider all. You will find the most effective methods described here. To find alternative and more effective ways to direct traffic to your site check-out   Deliver Traffic. A great service.

Search Engine Marketing
This is a newer term and separates what was once part of the function of a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specifically is the function of locating, researching, submitting, and positioning a web site within the proper search engines for maximum exposure and effectiveness. SEM may also include the function of choosing the target keywords and keyword phrases for the web site’s meta tags.

Traffic Exchange
Traffic exchange is a popular concept on the Internet, referring to the exchange of web traffic on the World Wide Web..

Affiliate Program
Affiliate programs, sometimes termed referral, associate, reseller, or partnership programs are revenue sharing arrangements organized by companies selling products and services. They offer you commissions based on business you drive to their site. They offer an easy way to sign up, providing you with partner ID with which their system recognizes you. Affiliate programs have become one of the most popular ways for you to earn money from your web site’s traffic. These programs require no financial investment or any kind of payment.

PPC Advertising
Pay per click, or PPC, is an advertising technique used on websites, especially search engines. Pay per click advertisements are usually text ads placed near search results; when a site visitor clicks on the advertisement, the advertiser is charged a small amount. Variants include pay for placement and pay for ranking. Pay per click is also sometimes known as Cost per Click (CPC). The most popular pay-per-click search engines are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search marketing. Depending on the search engine, minimum prices per click start at US$0.01 (up to US$0.50). Very popular search terms can cost much more on popular engines.

Banner Advertising
A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the Internet. This requires embedding a billboard (banner) into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic by linking them to the advertiser’s website.

E-mail Marketing
E-mail Marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. However, the term is usually used to refer to:

  • Sending e-mails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or old customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Sending e-mails with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing old customers to buy something immediately.
  • Adding advertisements in e-mails sent by other companies to their customers.


Directory Listing

A web directory is a directory on the Internet that specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion. Human editors review submissions for fitness. An alternative portal to the web is using search engines, web sites that index other sites based on keywords. Famous web directories are Yahoo, LookSmart and the Open Directory Project. ODP is an important player in the directory market, perhaps because of its open content approach to editorial review and its use by Google. LookSmart’s directory, and its material is reused on various sites.

E-zine Marketing
Ezines are electronic publications distributed by email or posted on a website. Ezines are typically focused on a certain subject matter. Ezines are just like your typical magazine format of monthly or weekly topical publications in an electronic format.

Viral Marketing
Marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message.

The term “viral advertising” refers to the idea that people will pass on and share cool and entertaining content; this is often sponsored by a brand, which is looking to build awareness of a product or service. These viral commercials often take the form of funny video clips and even text.

Viral marketing is popular because of the ease of executing the marketing campaign, relative low-cost, good targeting, and the high and rapid response rate. The main strength of viral marketing is its ability to obtain a large number of interested people at a low cost. The main weakness is that sometimes messages can look like e-mail SPAM and this creates the risk of damaging the brand. The ‘from’ and ‘subject’ lines then become very important in order to remedy this problem (Tell-A-Friend principle); for example, when sending a link or webpage, sometimes the subject line is “(Name of person here) thought you would like this page”. The receiver will then recognize the name and know that it is not unsolicited.

The most difficult task for any company is to acquire and retain a large customer base, through the use of the internet and the effects of e-mail advertising the B2C efforts have a greater impact then many other tools of marketing. E-mail generates 15% of online sales in North America and is on the increase. Viral marketing is a technique that avoids the annoyance of spam mail; it encourages users of a specific product or service to tell a friend. This would be a positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Free For All (FFA) page
FFA – pages (Free For All) are not search engines or directory’s. They are, for the most part, pages that simply take submissions that usually stay active for a period of time. A submission is placed at the top of their list and then moved down and eventually out as other submissions are made. These sites are rarely recommended and usually result in the reception of a flood of unwanted e-mail and solicitations. Reverse FFA  (using your own FFA page) is more attractive (example: Excel in MLM FFA page )