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How To Use Twitter To Market Your MLM/Network Marketing Business 

Multi-level marketing business entrepreneurs are quickly engaging Twitter into their dynamic marketing plan for reaping optimal results. Twitter marketing offers a host of exciting business rewards, especially with the latest Twitter features that include the likes of multi-screens and real-time marketing options.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing

Twitter is fast becoming a preferred social media network with a growing number of users as large as Facebook or LinkedIn although it came onto the market much later. This social media platform system allows short messages of maximum 140 characters to communicate among subscribers.

Tweets or sent out messages are short and precise, which many web consumers enjoy reading instead of lengthy contents found in emails. Tweets from Twitter also allow links to web content such as a blog post, PDF document or website. Images, photographs and videos are also permitted to enable MLM marketers to be more creative and successful in their online marketing campaigns.

A tweet with an interesting or appealing image greatly adds value to the content shared and tweeted which could instigate recipients to re-tweet. More followers are gained when there are special attractions to tweets besides outright sales information regarding MLM. Tweets allow followers to comment and share their opinions which could be constructive criticisms in improving the network marketing business.

Twitter is known to be a popular micro-blogging tool which bloggers love to engage in to promote their blogs and direct traffic to their blog sites. This social media tool stands out with several differences in features and functionalities which make it a strong marketing favorite.

Marketing Value of Twitter

Tweets are easy to read as they are short messages; just like a short status update on Facebook. Twitter tweets are guaranteed to reach the intended follower via the user’s feed unlike Facebook.

Compared to Pinterest, Twitter permits a smooth sharing of photos and images with commentary that would make the tweet more meaning and interesting. It provides an easier communication platform on a shared picture or image compared to that of Pinterest.

Tweeting is similar to a LinkedIn status update where the latter works on mutual trust relations while the former permits any follower. This is a potential marketing feature where strangers could be targeted and convinced to consider the brand or business if the marketer is experienced and dynamic in marketing skills.

Twitter tweets work similarly to Google+ status update where the potential leads and customer lists are easily organized into different categories for better management and control of marketing campaign implementations.

A tweet now could include a video link to view the promo video for the network marketing business. Although channel creation is not yet available, a video link is a fantastic feature that appeals to web consumers who love to be entertained via video promos over plain text.

Enhancing Marketing Campaigns with Twitter

One of the first steps in successful Twitter marketing on MLM businesses is to present the brand clearly via the right channels. The Twitter account and profile prove to be fundamental components to secure success in promoting MLM brand and wares using tweets.

There must be a strong Twitter presence in the community for the brand and business to be respected. This helps the community identify and recognize the brand and MLM business in their midst to be supportive. An appropriate account name and professional profile picture would augur well in generating a strong brand presence on the Internet.

Next, the choice of Twitter username is crucial to a good and effective branding. A catchy and easy-to-remember account username expresses the brand and business to widen the market presence. This is the preferred name that is displayed next to all tweets which allows others to identify the user.

Profile images are ideal to represent the Twitter account and business brand, especially with MLM ventures. MLM marketers should take advantage of these images to promote the business by uploading them under the Profile setting.

Using an attractive Twitter profile photo on every tweet sent would help other Twitter users identify the sender or company if the company logo is manipulated. A personal photo with the business name as a Twitter account puts a personal touch to the profile and business which may augur well with many potential leads. The profile background in a Twitter account could be customized to be distinguished for an outstanding stand-out from the pack in the community or MLM industry.

A Strong Foundation before Following

A complete profile setup is essential to a strong foundation as every setup feature offers more details and opportunities to enhance the MLM brand and business easily. The MLM marketer who intends to engage Twitter marketing must set up 3 important features found in the Profile account setting section.

The first important feature is location where other Twitter users and followers would be able to identify the place to find the user. The second feature is a website where the proper web address should be shared with the Twitter community. A website or blog as well as a Twitter landing page would be excellent in providing extra information that other users may be interested in.

The third feature is Bio where only 160 characters are allowed to specify the necessary information to potential leads and followers on who and what about the user. This section should be well planned to benefit the marketer and brand such as personality and achievements to draw targeted audiences.

Then, the next step of following other Twitter users, especially industry experts should be executed professionally to gain a wider market acceptance and visibility. Once a good scope of followers is confirmed, the MLM marketer could easily attract the desired niche market from the wide array garnered through the following.


Using Twitter to market is a versatile and powerful marketing tool for MLM and network marketing business ventures if it is aptly implemented in dynamic marketing campaigns. The marketers must be well versed with the different Twitter features to plan a dynamic marketing campaign that would promote the MLM brand and business effectively.


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