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This Ultimate Video Internet Marketing Course teaches strictly what needs to be known to build a successful Online Business using proven long term selling and traffic strategies.

It is based on a proven Internet Marketing Business Model, used by the majority of successfull Internet Marketers. Over 3 hours of precise, no fluff, video training to fully understand the business model and how to launch and how to promote your business offers.

Random clips from some of the 25 videos:



The titles of the 25 videos included in this course speaks for itself:
1. Explaining the Business Model
2. Why this Business Model works
3. Pricing and limitations of the Business Model
4. What is meeded to execute the Sales Funnel
5. How to brainstorm your Product
6. Product creation through Outsourcing
7. Qualitative factors of a killer Sales Letter
8. Sales Letter basics
9. How to record a Sales Video
10. Make more money with Upsells
11. Closing more sales with Downsells
12. How to setup your product on JVZoo
13. How to setup your Buyers List
14. How to create a simple Squeeze Page
15. How to launch your product
16. Creating selling tools for your Affiliates
17. Traffic generation from Affiliates
18: Traffic generation From Solo Ads
19: Media Buying
20: Using Facebook Ads to Promote
21: Using Ad Swaps
22: Traffic Generation from YouTube Part 1
23: Traffic Generation from YouTube Part 2
24: Google Hangouts Traffic Part 1
25: Google Hangouts Traffic Part 2