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Inspiring Batman Quotes For Business Success

Remember the Batman movies, everyone seems to be talking about it. Director Christopher Nolan did a great job of closing the trilogy of his Batman series as well. If you are a Batman fan and have been following the trilogy closely you will find some of the quotes below quite familiar, and you will realize that the quotes are related to our daily lives and business ethics in many ways.

When you are able to reflect on all these inspiring quotes in your own life, you will find that these quotes are meaningful, and they will be able to teach any entrepreneur an important lesson be it for online of offline business owners.

So what else can the trilogy teach us especially when it comes to business?

Take a look at these inspiring quotes below and learn how it can help you understand the world of business better… in a different angle.

Harvey Dent: “You make your own luck.”

As any successful person, in any niche, in any categories in live what they think about this four lettered word. LUCK. I am sure most of them will answer more or less the same.

“I do not believe in Luck…”

This is because most of the successful people in the world do not depend on luck when it comes to their success. They work hard for it, and they certainly put in a lot of time, effort and thought into what they do every day so that they can move one step closer to their success.

This explains why they give very little credit to luck itself. In fact, in our business, we usually tell our clients that L.U.C.K stands for “Living Under Correct Knowledge”.

That’s right. If you spend time to learn the right knowledge and actually act on the knowledge, then you will succeed. And in many ways you get lucky that way. So the next time you feel unlucky, try to remember these quotes. Let them inspire you to pick yourself up and start doing the right things. You will find yourself living a happier life and a more vibrant one as well while realizing your dreams when you finally succeed.

Let us look to the quotes below:


The Joker: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

The Joker is a villainous character in the Batman world but in this trilogy, people have learnt to ‘respect’ his ingenious mind. His quote in the movie “If you’re good at something, Never do it for free” rings a bell in many business owner’s mind.

Yes in internet marketing you are taught and trained to constantly give away free gifts and content in order to gain the trust and loyalty of your audiences. However, there are times when if you are doing something so good that others will find it hard to imitate, then you must never devalue yourself and do whatever it is that you are doing for free.

In fact, you should charge accordingly and let people see the value in your work will definitely pay you to help them in their business. Recently, a subscriber of ours came and asks us for our opinion on his business. He was into graphic designs. We found out that his work is way above the average quality that you can find on the internet, and yet he is earning measly dollars and having a hard time meeting his ends every month.

Quickly, we took the initiative to brand him and help him charge for a much higher value that he usually charges for. Sure he loses some customers. However, a lot newer customers came to him. More and more people realize his talent and start to ‘appreciate’ his work. The value that he is charging now gives out a psychological signal that he won’t just work for mere pennies or does he have the obligation to work for you. It gives an impression that he is a busy man and will only work if he is well compensated.

Now he is happily making a comfortable living online, and he deserves every bit of it because he is good at what he does and he makes sure his quality is maintained at his level best.

What this tells us is that you should learn to charge the appropriate value for your work (if you are good) at the right time to the right people. Sure you could give away some free bonus once in a while for customer loyalty or getting new customer leads, but never devalue yourself by charging lower and pricing your product or service below average just to try getting more sales. Think profit instead of sales and you will go a long way in your business.


Alfred: “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Exactly, what Alfred says… not everyone is born equal and certainly not everyone is thinking on the same page. Some people want to earn money the legitimate way while some just want to stop you or the world from earning money. And worst of all, some would go all the way to destroy the market and even go as far as to spoil the reputation of internet marketing by creating bad products and rip people off.

The most important lesson here is that no matter how much you whine or complain about these ‘bad’ seeds, you won’t be able to stop them at least not entirely. There will always be people trying to pirate your products. What you could do is some prevention from it to be shared online illegally or stop some of them from sharing it too ‘easily’. At the same time, you need to realize that you must not dwell on this problem for too long and learn to move on.

If your product is good… the more the reason why more people want it, and some people will always try to share your product illegally. With that said, you would be having a hard time trying to sell to freebie seekers anyway, so you will go a long way if you just keep your head straight and move toward your goals regardless of whatever is happening around you. Just make sure you are doing your part, and you will surely reach success, one way or the other.

Never use the ‘bad seeds’ as an excuse to give up or stoop so low that you become one of them. Instead stand firm on what you believe and keep marketing to those who appreciates you.


Alfred: “Bruce, why do we fall?”

Bruce: “So we can pick ourselves up again.”

Success and business are all about failing, getting back up and move closer to your goal every single time. In fact, you will rarely see any succeed without meeting any failures at all. If there is, then that’s good for him because it does not happen often.

In this quote, you can see how optimistic the character ‘Bruce Wayne’ is. He is faced with many problems in live especially when his parents died when he was very young. In this trilogy, you can see many times that he has fallen to a point that most people would have given up hope be he prevails in the end because he chooses to push on.

This kind of mentality is what every business owner need in their business. Sure you might have bad days every now and then, but you do not have to count them. What you should do is to actually take them as a blessing so that you can move on and be another step closer to your goals. No one ever said that starting a business is easy and effortless right? Take failure as a part of success and with each failure you get so much closer to the success that you’ve always wanted. Lastly, never give up as long as you know that you are doing the right thing.


Batman: “Killing is not justice.”

Make no mistake about it, killing should never be involved in business. But how does this quote relate to our business you asked? Well, what this quote means is that we should never do things the ‘wrong’ way to get to what we want.

We should never ever try to cheat our way to the top. Sure you might earn a little more but in the long run your ‘foul’ ways will soon catch up to you like it or not, and you will have to pay back a lot more in return. That’s just how the natural laws work. Hence you must always keep your morals close to you and run your business the legitimate way.

Doing the right things also helps keep your conscience clear and that gives you an ease of mine when you spend the money that you earned the right way. Doing this the ‘good’ way also helps give you a good reputation and thus your business will survive in the long run. Perhaps this is the main difference from a legitimate business and a shady one.


The Joker: “Why so serious?”

Sure enough, we all have our priorities set high. We want to succeed as quick as possible. In fact, most of us wish we are already successful 5 years ago, which is why some of us do over work ourselves and forget to stop and take a breather.

Why So Serious?

That quote stopped me in my track and makes me think. “Oh wow, the Joker is right”. I am in no hurry to rush the project and sacrifice the enjoyment of the journey to success. Life is moving fast and if we do not live in the now… then it will be too late. If we just focus on our business and neglect our mind, ethics, families and even our kids, we will be burnt out very soon.

And mind you many give up on their journey because they feel burnt out. They feel overwhelmed. They were so excited with the promises for overnight riches that they have forgotten that what is important is to savor the journey be it, a struggling journey or a bitter one because one day we will all look back at our past and realize that it is our past that shapes who we are today.

Never wait until to it is too late or when we are almost at the end of our lives and decide that we should enjoy our lives. By then, you would be too tired, or incapable of enjoying the many beauties of live any more.


The Joker: I like this job – I like it!

I guess now we know why the Joker was so good at what he does. He is a madly in love with what he is doing (although he is not doing the right things)… he does it with joy.

When we love what we are doing, our creative juices will pour out willingly. We will be able to churn out more than we usually could. It’s easy to actually work hard on the things that we love. It becomes part of us when we immerse yourself when we are doing what we love. It is a state where we are no longer doing ‘work’, but instead we are smiling and enjoying every second of it.

That is what passion is. It’s not merely just any interest. It’s getting things done effectively, efficiently and with much joy. We should envy those who are able to enjoy those who are able to work in a field that they love. But why envy when we all have the choice to do what we like? Choose your niche wisely and you will be rewarded with a much happier day every day.


Bane: No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

In business, we are a ‘NOBODY’ if we are doing the same thing as everyone else is. You become like everyone. You write the same kind of sales letter. You send the same kinds of email every day. You teach the same thing as everyone else. However, if you could just try to do something a little different than the rest, and you will instantly see that people will notice you a lot more.

Be drastic. Get noticed. Make money.