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Solo Ads - Media BuyingSolo ads are highly preferred by marketers to boost their business brand on the Internet with the many benefits these ads offer. This is an online marketing technique that is widely indulged in by small to big companies today as there are more and more reliable suppliers of authentic and useful mailing lists in the market. That forms the basic premise of solo ads as a dynamic online marketing tool.

Marketers are finding it hard to seek authentic targeted niche audiences to fuel their business activities to boost sales and profits due to the increasing competition in the marketplace. Greater effort and best marketing tools are required to position the brand above the competition. Online ads are instrumental in this objective with their appealing designs and captivating styles. Solo ads focus on the brand to draw more interested consumers to the website of the business.

Dynamics of Solo Ads

Solo ads are online ads that a marketer pays another to have them put on the supplier’s mailing list, which is supposedly trustworthy and relevant to the marketer’s brand of business. This form of marketing is known to be effective as mass emailing is performed through an established mailing list that need not take time to build.

Many desperate marketers with funds are willing to pay for solo ads that ensure a reliable mailing list of authentic mail respondents who are likely to be open to the business brand and goods as these would have been tested by other marketers on similar products and offerings. Marketers who do not have the time or skills to build their own mailing list but want to promote their brand and wares are likely to resort to solo ads especially if they have the advertising budget.

There are 3 essential actions that must be activated for solo ads to be effective in any Internet marketing campaign.

1)  High Quality Ads

Solo ads are online adverts; they must be of high quality to attract the desired niche markets that would boost business sales. Solo ads are only effective if they are kept real to reflect the business and brand that would attract the right crowd. Marketers who are indulging in solo ads must know how their ad is going to look to their targeted audiences. The ad must be able to impact the viewers to compel an opt-in call-to-action, such as clicking on the ad immediately to be directed to the website for further details or actions.

Only high quality ads would be able to capture the interest and attention of mailing list recipients as they get many ads daily. Poor quality ads or irrelevant ads are normally deleted without a second look or thought. Hence, marketers must manipulate solo ads to their optimal potential as there is a price paid for these ads. Marketers must identify their targeted niche markets to identify their primary needs to design an appropriate ad that would entice their targeted recipients.

High quality solo ads must satisfy consumer needs with a plausible solution offered that would be attractive to targeted audiences. This would stir consumers to make a call-to-action response that would benefit the business. These consumers are more likely to be the ones who would convert to potential business prospects and customers to the brand and business.

Marketers should avoid pre-written ads that are to cover a wide scope of consumers, which may seem a large number, but contain very few relevant potential leads that would benefit the business at the end of the day.

2)  Choice of Reliable Suppliers

Another important component for successful solo ads is the choice of reliable mailing lists suppliers. Too many unscrupulous mailing lists suppliers are flooding the marketplace with bad lists that are passed off as quality or authentic lists.

Many of these bad hats are supplying poor quality mailing recipients who are not interested in the brand or business, but pushed to the unsuspecting marketer at high prices. If the marketers are desperate for potential leads to fuel business sales and development, they would be deeply disappointed. They would only experience very low percentages of interested buyers or business prospects from such lists.

Sometimes, bad list suppliers offer good lists, but to multiple marketers of similar businesses which make them as competitors. This would not generate the desired results marketers would want as they are facing heavy competition from their peers.

Reliable mailing lists suppliers are those with a proven track record of integrity and trustworthiness in the marketplace to offer good lists to marketers according to their preferences and requests. Helpful ones would even provide filtered leads to ensure useful leads to buyers who need not waste time and effort in filtering but start using the leads immediately.

3) Reasonable Charges and Terms for Mailing Lists

Smart marketers who plan to deploy solo ads must know what they are paying for and how much for how many. Many unscrupulous suppliers of mailing lists tend to take advantage of desperate and naïve marketers who do not know the market price of solo ads and mailing list with higher prices.

However, the market prices for good solo ads could be relatively high which is the reason unscrupulous suppliers manipulate unsuspecting buyers. High priced solo ads from established suppliers could be a worthy investment if the suppliers have a proven track record in such dealings.

Hence, marketers need to know if they are spending, rightly for solo ads to boost their traffic for their business. They could check out the market value of several reliable suppliers before committing to one. There could be other terms and conditions which may not be favorable to the marketers such as limited list size or unfiltered lists. Marketers must be alert to these and confirm if the terms and conditions are acceptable to fulfill their business goals and objectives.

Package deals could be worked out if a reliable mailing list supplier for solo ads is identified, although many marketers prefer to work with several to avoid stale results; as the saying goes, “familiarity breeds contempt.”

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