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Solo ads are very effective marketing tools in the hands of an innovative marketer or business owner who knows its dynamics. After successful runs with solo ads, marketers and business owners would be ready to enhance and fine tune the dynamics of this marketing tool for greater ROIs.

There are 6 specific components of Solo ads that would enhance its viability in the marketplace that would distinguish them from other marketing ads flying around. These could be more cost effective and efficient from others in terms of results and effort. Higher web traffic is generated through Solo ads to boost the bottom lines of the business or company.

1 – Problem Solving Solo Ads

Not every Solo ad would be effective in generating the desired outcome if its components are not well understood to be deployed rightly. Online marketers tend to be sketchy about the ad instead of designing one that would solve targeted audience’s problems with their recommended products or services on promotion.

Solo ads are not only to look attractive in capturing attention which is the first draw but no interest is generated if the ad does not propose a plausible solution to an existing problem encountered by the consumer. A constant pitching about the products or services, even if on their benefits and advantages would not get consumers to make a purchase unless consumers’ problems are eradicated through the products or services rendered.

It is crucial for marketers or business owners to understand the needs of their customers or potential leads before designing an ad that would offer a dynamic solution through their recommended product or service. It is insufficient to have a cool logo or attractive graphics in a solo ad to win over consumers on sales.

2 – An Irresistible Offer

A successful solo ad must contain an irresistible or an appealing offer that no consumer would be able to deny, resist or avoid. Such an ad should also include an upcoming deadline to encourage a quicker click on the ad for redemption before the offer runs out. A prompt clicking would safeguard consumers’ interests and benefit with the promised offer.

Such offers included in a solo ad make the ad even more attractive, especially when the offer is free with a simple call to action like keying in their name and contact information. The smart marketer or business owner who manipulates solo ads need to be creative in offering attractive giveaways on a limited timeframe to stir interest and hype.

3 – Advertise Through Ezines 

One of the most effective channels for solo ads on the Internet is through Ezinearticles.com. This is an excellent platform to display solo ads in reaching the right target of the audience for the brand or business. It is appropriate to tailor the promotional message to the specific market niche via Ezine platform as lots of varied consumers read the high quality articles at this platform.

Ezinearticle.com has a myriad of topics and categories which contain alluring content to draw more potential business leads to its platform in seeking the right information on required products and services. Solo ads placed in Ezine directory are exposed to a wide network of potential consumers, suppliers, retailers and competitors in the market for the desired niche markets to boost business profits.

4 – Effective Presentation of Solo Ad

When solo ads are to be deployed as the preferred marketing tool, these pieces must be well written in an attractive style and presentation that would entice the right target market to its shores. A conversational style is preferred on solo ads to make the ad more friendly, personal and easy to read as if the targeted audience is a good friend who is ready to support the brand and company.

Loyal customers would enjoy the well designed solo ad whose presentation caters to their needs. Useful contents of the solo ad are extremely crucial in a successful marketing plan using solo ad. Readers are able to relate and empathize with the ad contents when the condition beckons them to their own life’s challenges. Well written solo ads in the proper writing format help boost readability and acceptance of the ad contents by consumers.

5 – Focus on More Clicks

Solo ads are to generate more clicks with the right displays promoting the product or service. Once the ad link is clicked, consumers are directed to a squeeze page where their personal contact information is requested before a freebie is given in exchange. This is normally the reason consumers click on the ad link.

It is advisable to implement an efficient tracking system to track the number of clicks and leads secured from a solo ad to determine its viability as a marketing strategy. Marketing campaigns could be improved through a proper monitoring system that would motivate more clicks on the solo ads generated. Marketers would understand better the types of features which are most effective on solo ads.

6 – Stick On with the Winning Formula

Marketers and business owners may have to find their winning formula on solo ads through trial and error with acute monitoring that gives hints and tips. Once a winning formula is unveiled, marketers and business owners could continue to ride the wave of success repeatedly for all subsequent campaigns as the niche markets would have been identified.

Solo ads formulas may need to be changed if the business objectives and marketing approaches change. Marketers and business owners would need to review and backtrack to re-design another winning formula for solo ads on perhaps a new line of products for different niche markets.


Solo ads could help marketers and business owners make attractive earnings on their products and services if they understand how to manipulate the features of such marketing tool. Time and effort are required to test out the different features of solo ads to generate the winning formula for any product or service.

Innovative marketers or business owners could also engage solo ads with other dynamic marketing strategies such as email marketing or video marketing to gain more success and business outcomes.


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